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Social Networking

  1. The Other Bloggers
    771 Food Barrels Down the Highway, Gunning To Be A Facebook for FoodiesA new social network is set to debut with forums, food porn,
  2. Marketing Gimmicks
    Tasti D-Lite, SushiSamba Find Dumbest Possible Ways to Use TwitterTasti D-Lite will expose your soft-serve habit to the world.
  3. Stalking
    Status Update: Which Chefs Are Your Facebook Friends?Did you know Waldy Malouf is a “sexual god”? Neither did we, till we found him and 99 other chefs on Facebook.
  4. Publicity Ploys
    Which Restaurants Have the Most (and Least!) Facebook Fans?Over 100 local restaurants are posting brunch specials, menus, and the like on F-book.