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So Offal

  1. So Offal
    Test Kitchen’s All-Offal Menu Includes Veal Tendon and Tuna HeartAn unholy coven of six chefs are uniting for organ-eating season.
  2. The Other White Meat
    Chris Cosentino Messes With Texas Toast and PigtailsThe chef calls his newest creation at Pigg, “a play on the classic BBQ pulled pork sandwich served on white bread.”
  3. So Offal
    Cosentino Drops His ‘Brainaise’ on Downtown L.A.That’s aioli with blended pig brains, naturally.
  4. Menus
    Fig’s Becoming a Meat Market on V-DayIf duck heart tartare isn’t your thing, the other side of the menu offers market-sourced vegetarian dishes.
  5. Freebies
    Philippe’s Bribes You With Free Beef Heart Chili TodayOr you could just go in for the nine cent coffee and skip the offal altogether.
  6. Susan and Mary Sue News
    Mary Sue Milliken Kills Wild Animals And Our MisconceptionsThe Border Grill founder details a hunting expedition in Mongolia and her newfound bloodlust.
  7. So Offal
    The L.A. Times Is Already Over OffalThe paper also celebrates elevating “peasant food.”
  8. Menu Additions
    Offal, Urchin, Italian Babybacks, and Cassoulet Hit L.A.’s Favorite MenusSeveral popular restaurants are revealing their chef’s passions with new dishes.