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Sneaky’s Bbq

  1. Nonstaurants
    Sneaky’s BBQ Resurfaces at VinylBig BBQ news!
  2. Nonstaurants
    Sneaky’s BBQ Brick-and-Mortar Deal Falls Through; Hirsch Loves Them JustHe calls their brisket, ‘A revelation!’
  3. Closings
    Sneaky’s BBQ Moving Out of Rebel, Heading to the MissionTheir last day is July 15.
  4. Lists
    Travel + Leisure Readers Dis S.F. BBQWe’re ranked 28th out of 35 destination cities in the U.S. for our ribs and brisket.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Jake Gyllenhaal Seen Slurping Hapa Ramen; John Waters Spotted at Rebel
  6. Hours of Operation
    Rebel and Sneaky’s BBQ to Close Mondays and TuesdaysRebel will remain a boppin scene Thursday to Sunday, and Sneaky’s will open Wednesdays too.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Sneaky’s Launches Brunch, Oakland’s Bites on Broadway Shut DownAlso, 20-year-old Snack Depot on 2nd is closing.
  8. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: The Date Night at Sneaky’s BBQIt’s a bowl of indigestion to be sure, but oh so good.
  9. Lists
    San Francisco’s Best BarbecueThere’s not only great Asian barbecue in S.F., there’s some quite excellent ribs and brisket these days too.
  10. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Rounds Up Bay Area BBQ; Reidinger Calls 25 Lusk’s Food