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Smith Canteen

  1. closings
    Smith Canteen Is a Popular Cafe With a Famous Owner — So Why Is It Closing?Owner and Cherry Bombe editor Kerry Diamond discusses the difficult decision to sell the shop and what kind of buyer she has in mind.
  2. Whey to Be
    Why Whey? A Push to Market Yogurt-Making’s Watery RemainsIt’s increasingly regarded by certain segments of the crunchy-granola crowd as a health tonic, low in calories but high in probiotics and calcium.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Kerry Diamond Is a Farmers’ Market Nerd“Out and proud.”
  4. Everything Bagels
    What the Iconic New York Everything Bagel Has WroughtThere’s an “Everything” version of everything now.
  5. Openings
    What to Eat at Nightingale 9, Bringing Vietnamese Sandwiches and Hanoi-StyleSeersucker chef and co-owner Robert Newton ate his way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City for menu inspiration at this new spot.
  6. Leftovers
    Restaurateur Discussion at 92YTribeca; Sandy Fund-raiser at ApplewoodPlus, Bil Buford talks with Guidara, and a champion barista pours macchiatos made with beet juice and goat’s milk.
  7. Openings
    First Look at Smith Canteen, Seersucker’s Takeout-Shop OffshootLong Island duck confit bánh mì and roasted turkey on an “everything” croissant.