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    The 25 Things You Really Need to Eat, Drink, or Just Do to Prepare for 2014You’ve read the year-end round-ups and now it’s time to make a plan to make sure you ingest every possible amazing thing you can.
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    What You Missed at Last Night’s New York TasteWe’re stuffed.
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    Inside the Kitchen for an Alex Stupak and Grant Achatz ThanksgivingGrub Street captured the chefs putting together a monumental holiday feast.
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    A Look Into Ricardo Zarate’s Sketchbook For PaicheThe Peruvian chef’s new dishes include wagyu black truffle tiradito and milk-fed lamb with a miso-honey glaze.
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    Thirteen Things We’re Excited to Try This FallSausages in Somerville, pickles in Fort Point, and something new from Ming Tsai.
  6. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Greek Modern at Amali; Governor Feels Slightly Off-KeyMy mother grew up in a genteel, mostly vanished world where the best restaurants lived long and prosperous lives.
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    Slideshow: Seriously Transcendent Takes on OatmealWhether topped with bacon and cheddar or cinnamon mascarpone, this breakfast staple is humble no more.
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    Slideshow: See the Feast For Fighting Hunger at Taste of the NationThe best dishes from 2012’s Taste of the Nation.
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    Meat Madness: A Night at Poe’s Tip Tap RoomIf you love meat, you’re in luck.
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    Slideshow: Inside the New RM Champagne SalonTaking an Edward Gorey-esque look at the new RM Champagne Salon.
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    Slideshow: See What The Trenchermen Are Cooking UpAt last, see the food from the long-awaited The Trenchermen, now open.
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    Tortilla Triumphs: 25 Knockout Chicago TacosTake a tour of the remarkable diversity of great tacos in Chicago.
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    Slideshow: Revealing the Secrets of the Dark Lord Dinner at Publican QualityHow a fancy dinner for charity comes together with a legendary beer.
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    Slideshow: See Acadia’s Stunning New Tasting Menu and MoreNew dishes for summer at Acadia.
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    First Look at Embeya: From Last Night’s Laurent Gras Pop-UpYour first look at Embeya, from the popup dinner with Laurent Gras.
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    West Bridge Launches Lunch TodayWho here wants a beef tongue reuben with pink sauce?
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    Check out RIA’s Gorgeous-as-Spring Menu With GM Brian O’ConnorSee our slideshow of RIA’s spring menu.
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    Tru Slideshow: Anthony Martin’s Playful PresentationsThe playful storytelling in the dishes at Tru.
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    Go Behind the Scenes of Jason Vincent’s Grand Cochon WinHow Jason Vincent won the Grand Cochon crown in Aspen.
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    Slideshow: Friday’s Preview Party for Pecking Order ChickenPecking Order welcomed guests Friday night.
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    A Look Into Rivera’s ‘End of Communism’ MenuChef John Sedlar artistically commemorates his 1992 march in Moscow’s May Victory Day Parade, which came mere months following the fall of The Soviet Union.
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    Slideshow: See Big Jones’ Buffalo Trace/Kentucky Barbecued Mutton Bourbon DinnerKentucky barbecued mutton and Buffalo Trace star at dinner.
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    What You Missed at Taste of the Nation L.A.With a shared mission, L.A.’s chefs raised the stakes for great dishes at tasting events.
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    Slideshow: Star-Studded Food at Rick Bayless’s Frontera Farmer FoundationGala event to benefit Rick Bayless’s Frontera Farmer Foundation.
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    Controversial Cuisine: Boston’s 12 Dreamiest, Most Succulent Foie Gras DishesIn honor of California’s forthcoming foie ban, we showcase our favorite hometown foie gras feasts.
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    Hey California, See the Best Foie Gras in ChicagoAs California readies its foie gras ban, take a tour of foie dishes in the city that went through a similar period of prohibition.
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    Slideshow: Preview Kendal Duque’s Food at City Tavern, Opening June 17City Tavern to open June 12.
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    Drive-Thru Dining: Eleven Videos of Cars Crashing Into RestaurantsWhy are restaurants always the first targets for crazy drivers?
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    What’s Andrew Brochu Doing at Graham Elliot? The Answer, In Slideshow andAndrew Brochu’s new Graham Elliot menu in words and pictures.
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    See Top Chef’s Grayson Schmitz’s First Chicago Event
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    A Sneak Peek at Superba Snack BarJason Neroni shows off his super-charged new Italian concept.
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    Slideshow: First Look Inside The TrenchermenParty debuts the new Trenchermen space.
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    What to Eat at the East Coast Grill’s New Weekend LunchLong-loved for Hell Night, the East Coast Grill now serves spicy midday meals.
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    Slideshow: Taste What’s Next at Dose MarketDose Market previewed upcoming restaurants.
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    Gratuity Included: A Quick History of Big Celebrity TippersWill these generous gratuities change your opinion of Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell? Possibly …
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    Five Places You Have To Try Today in East L.A.Guaranteed satisfaction with classics from Los Cinco Puntos and the inspired evolution of mole at Rocio’s and La Tia.
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    Ten Fantastically Nasty Fast-Food MeltdownsNew research could offer a link between fast food and bad behavior. There’s certainly plenty of proof!
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    Slideshow: Whet Your Appetite For Eataly Chicago By Checking Out Eataly NYPreview Eataly NY to get a sense of what Eataly Chicago will be like.
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    First Look at Yunnan Kitchen, Opening Tonight on the LESSee the space and scope dishes, including fried potato balls and pork belly with mint.
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    The Fifteen Most Gloriously Dramatic Fights Between Restaurant Owners and FoodSee the threats, exposed identities, accusations, and ejections fly.
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    A Look at The House Omakase at Shunji, West L.A.The seasonal Japanese experience may be the closest thing West L.A. has to supping in Captain Nemo’s quarters.
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    The Eleven Most Shockingly Gross Food-Industry SettlementsSalmonella-tainted chicken, hepatitis-A-tainted tacos, finger-stuffed sandwiches: Join us for a look back at some of the food industry’s worst mishaps.
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    A Look at What’s Cooking at Vic Casanova’s Gusto, Open Tonight on 3rd StreetThe former Culina chef realizes his dreams with beef heart tartare and veal sweetbread milanese.
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    First Look at What Keith Silverton is Cooking at MessHall KitchenThe chef’s blend of camping food comfort and European recipes would make a perfect fit at the refresh of Clifton’s Cafeteria.
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    Slideshow: A Night Out at MoksaWe dine at Patricia Yeo’s clubby Central Square sanctuary, where the cocktails are strong and the walls are black.
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    What’s Cooking at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-AirThere’s no denying Sonny Sweetman has some beautiful looking dishes at the recently rejiggered Hotel Bel-Air.
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    Slideshow: First Look at Dishes From Balena, Chris Pandel and BoKa Group’s PastaSlideshow of opening dishes at Chris Pandel’s rustic Italian.
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    What’s Cooking at Delfini Citta, Now Open in Beverly HillsBehind the pizza bar is David Santiago, formerly of New York’s Luba and Long Beach’s Suba.
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    What You Missed at Planned Parenthood L.A.’s 33rd Food FareAlain Giraud was the biggest cut-up of the evening, dancing with baguettes and kitchen utensils.
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    D’Artagnan and David Féau Unite on Foie Front at The RoyceWhile Ariane Daguin stirred up a counterinsurgency to the forthcoming ban, David Feau silently shared his passion for the product.
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