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  1. animal welfare
    French Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Slaughterhouses to Install CamerasIn response to a report that showed widespread animal cruelty in the country’s abattoirs.
  2. Crime
    A U.S. Beef Supplier Allegedly Sold Fake Halal Meat to MuslimsWorkers scrubbed off non-halal labels and put new ones on, an indictment says.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Animal Rights Groups Target California’s Illegal SlaughterhousesNew video brings to light reports that unlicensed animal butchers are running amok.
  4. Meat Matters
    Mobile Slaughterhouse One-Ups Every Food Truck EverThe Modular Harvest System brings the abbatoir to farmers’ doors.
  5. Unintended Consequences
    Wanted: More SlaughterhousesThere’s lots of livestock, but not many abattoirs.
  6. Trimmings
    Halalarious: Gotta Love Those Live-Animal MarketsMore cartoon animals bent on their own demise.