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  1. trendlet
    Skewers Are Primal, Fun to Eat, and Suddenly Ubiquitous in New YorkFrom Japanese yakitori to Chinese barbecue, stick food is on the rise.
  2. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opens Skewers at LAXFrequent flyers sick of Cinnabon finally have the famous chef’s yakitori concept to consider.
  3. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opening Skewers in SeptemberOf course, it’s not that simple, but at least you won’t be crossing the picket line.
  4. Slideshow
    A Look Into Stix & Straws, Possibly The Most Customizable Restaurant EverMix and match a selection of skewered proteins with international sauces at this cutie that could easily do for kebab
  5. Mediavore
    In-N-Out Not Going to NYC; Anthony Bourdain in O.C. Just A JokeApril Fool’s Day jokes about chefs and restaurants were picked up as news by other outlets yesterday.