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Sing A Song Of Sang

  1. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Takes a Stand For AnchoviesThe chef likens them to “the sixth man coming off the bench. Not a star player, but critical to the success of many dishes.”
  2. Sherry Yard
    Sherry Yard And Sang Yoon Breathing Life Back Into Helms BakeryThe two chefs are opening an ambitious space to serve L.A. its daily bread.
  3. Sing a Song of Sang
    Lukshon Offers Complimentary Carrot Cake To All Diners This WeekendFollowing “Carrot Cake-Gate,” Sang Yoon is deciding to lick everyone’s wounds with a freebie.
  4. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Unveils Private Kitchen Series, Cosentino First Up to the PlateThe series will be held on a fire-pit patio at the Lukshon and Father’s Office chef’s test kitchen.
  5. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon’s Home Kitchen Has Ketchup!The condiment controlling chef makes plain that it’s not for him, however.
  6. Lunch
    Lukshon Starts Lunching, Get Your Shanghai Matzo Ball Soup TomorrowThe chef will feature new dishes like the soup and pork belly lettuce cups with crispy pig ear.
  7. Quote of the Day
    It’s So Hard for Sang Yoon to Find Good Help These DaysBack in the chef’s early days, Julia Child was the only food world celebrity.
  8. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Pulls Back The Curtain on His Test KitchenThe parts are familiar, but the usages a little unexpected.
  9. Quote of the Day
    What Sang Yoon Learned From ChinoisThe chef, who used to work at Puck’s “avant-garde” Chinese-European hybrid, thinks it set the stage for today’s Asian palate in The U.S.
  10. Sing a Song of Sang
    Will Sichaun Salt Chicken Pops Be The Next Father’s Office Burger?Let’s just hope dan dan noodles Sriracha-infused cocktails go over the heads of all those students clogging F.O.’s doorway.
  11. Sing a Song of Sang
    Help Wanted at Lukshon, Coming Soon to Culver CityThe restaurant is looking for prep cooks and will announce an opening date next week.
  12. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Shares His Passions and Dark SidesThe Father’s Office chef likes Santouka and Del Taco, but hates the beach and possibly people too.