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  1. Come Together
    L.A. Sensation Sqirl to Pop Up at El Rey Later This MonthDreams come true.
  2. Foodievents
    Vartan Abgaryan and Matt Biancaniello Team Up Tomorrow For Game, Geoduck, andThe inventive chef’s and bartender’s tag-team approach is yielding strange and incredible things.
  3. Fire Damage
    Fire Shutters Cowboys & Turbans in Silver LakeIt may be days (or months) before the return of aloo gobi burritos.
  4. Rumors
    Tiki Ti Teases Fans With Sale Rumors, Then Goes on Three-Week Spring BreakOwners say a huge offer has been made on their real-estate.
  5. Lawsuits
    Los Globos’ Owner Sues City of L.A. For $10 MillionSteve Edelson claims the city has intentionally been stalling his permit requests and targeting him.
  6. Nightlife
    Los Globos Considers Changing To Placate Angry Silver Lake NeighborsControversial owner Steve Edelson considers a less morose paint job and beefed-up security.
  7. Mixocalypse
    Matt Biancaniello and Vartan Abgaryan Team Up On A Full Day’s Meals, ThisThe bartender and chef have a most curious menu that begins on breakfast and ends on bone marrow, with mug wort, beer air, and fresh grass as ingredients.
  8. Crime Scenes
    Man Fatally Shot at El Sereno Taco Truck; Silver Lake Deliveryman Killer Gets 77There was crime, and even a little punishment, in the past-paced world of L.A.’s food scene this weekend.
  9. Menus
    A Look at Vartan Abgaryan’s New Menu at Cliff’s EdgeThe chef’s seasonal approach embraces Mediterranean influences and California ingredients.
  10. Nightlife
    Los Globos’ Owner Attempts Peaceful Reconcilation With Silver Lake NeighborsNightlife kingpin Steve Edelson has been shot and stabbed in the past, so a roomful of angry neighbors doesn’t really phase the guy.
  11. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Potato Chips Inspire Their Own Gallery Show in Silver LakeAn exploration of over 50 flavors from around the world.
  12. Reopenings
    Black Hogg Reopening in Silver Lake, Tuesday November 6Eric Park now has a beer and wine license in place and has made some changes to the room to accommodate.
  13. Temporary Closings
    The Plug Gets Pulled on Los GlobosThe bar also loses its dance privileges until its papers get put in order.
  14. Nightlife
    City Sip Gets Its Freak(s) OnThe wine bar plans a night of circus performers and photos of unusual talents.
  15. The Other Critics
    Critic Brad A. Johnson On Time OutThe former Angeleno critic returns to review L & E Oyster Bar.
  16. Openings
    SQIRL Cafe Teases Eastsiders with Phallic ClamsExotic seafood found at newly opened SQIRL Cafe
  17. Chef Shuffles
    Former Lou Chef D.J. Olsen to Head Up Silver Lake’s Black CatThe chef is bringing his seasonal cooking to a “New York tavern concept.”
  18. Gone Green
    Silver Lake Middle School Pushes Out PolysterenesLAUSD will phase out Styrofoam containers and lunch trays as a result.
  19. Freebies
    Chipotle Taking Good Old War to Market This WeekThe chain is out to show you just how crunchy it can be.
  20. The Other Critics
    Gold Shouts Out Shunji; Rodell Revels in L&E Oyster BarIncreasingly, the Matsuhisa veteran is being praised for his produce more than his sashimi.
  21. Empire Building
    L&E Oyster Bar Plans Upstairs ExpansionLonger hours for booze service, too.
  22. Openings
    Cafe Stella Opens Bar Stella in Silver LakeThe room is a Moroccan exotic that recalls Casablanca.
  23. The Other Critics
    Gold Hungers for Huazontle at Bizarra Capital; Virbila Sweats Black HoggSherry says “There’s really nothing quite like Black Hogg in L.A.”
  24. The Other Critics
    Rodell Savors the Moment at Black HoggThe critic writes her first local restaurant analysis on Silver Lake’s trendy new gastropub.
  25. Nightlife
    Steve Edelson Again Under Fire for Silver Lake’s Bangin’ NightlifeAfter decrying his El Cid, now neighbors are mad about all the public drunkenness and street sex at Los Globos.
  26. Closings
    Silver Lake’s The Other Side and Flying Leap Cafe Closing to Become HyperionThe historic gay piano bar is becoming an (ick!) sporty gastro-pub.
  27. Openings
    Susina Owner Opens Sunset Junction Coffee Shop Today in Silver LakeThe throwback diner offers breakfast all-day, with plans to eventually go 24/7.
  28. Totally Worth the Drive
    Totally Worth the Drive: Skate Wing in Brown Butter at Cliff’s EdgeThe James Beard nominee updates the classic bistro dish raie au beurre noir.
  29. Coming Soon
    Modern Eats Coffeehouse Coming to Silver LakeThe restaurant is bringing a bakery to a rather lonely strip mall on Glendale Blvd.
  30. Openings
    Barbarella Owner Opens Lago D’Argento Today in Silver LakeThe pizzeria is run by executive chef Mendoza, former pastry pro at Ortolan.
  31. Empire Building
    Will The (Black) Cat Come Back to Silver Lake?If the owners of The Village Idiot have their say, an homage to the historic gay bar could return.
  32. The Other Critics
    S. Irene Virbila Impressed by Post & Beam; Gold Pigs Out at Black HoggThe two L.A. Times critics tackle two restaurants that share a similar penchant for hyper-seasonal produce and sustainable meats.
  33. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Local’s Project Ivanhoe Adding to Silver Lake’s Enhanced Dining LandscapeLazy Ox’s Kevin Lee is endowing the restaurant with some new small plates.
  34. Menus
    Naya Lounge Debuts Joel Black Cocktails and Indian Street Eats Tonight in SilverChef Imran Mookhi at least plays his pav bhaji right.
  35. Let’s Do Brunch
    What to Eat for Brunch at Cliff’s EdgeBenjamin Bailly’s selection skews European, with Nutella-filled French toast, croque monsiuer, and pasta dishes.
  36. Coming Soon
    Black Hogg Opening in Silver Lake, Heywood’s Grilled Cheese to FollowThe place gives us Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing vibes, right down to the Southern inflected menu.
  37. Mediavore
    Roy Choi Cooking with Mark Peel at Tar Pit; Food Network Host Busted for RecipeThe Kogi chef clarifies, “we gonna wreck some shit…”
  38. Openings
    L&E Oyster Bar Opening in Silver Lake TomorrowRaw bivalves and the occasional sandwich will be served in this tiny eatery from the owners of Bar Covell.
  39. Menus
    Check Out Ben Bailly’s First Menu For Cliff’s EdgeThe former Petrossian executive chef plans a shifting menu of Mediterranean roots and sterling product.
  40. Mixocalypse
    Cliff’s Edge Serves a Bitter Pill to SwallowA “Bitter Pill” pairs 12-year-old rum with Fernet Branca and orange oil aromas.
  41. Freebies
    Free Tacos Tomorrow at Tarascos!Meanwhile, drinks will be only four-dollars for draft beer and margaritas.
  42. Closings
    The Fiesta’s Over For La Parilla in Silver LakeThe owner of Alegria confirms the local restaurant community is definitely feeling the economy’s pinch.
  43. Mediavore
    Starbucks Debuts New Blonde Roast; The Supremacy of Californian Olive OilThe coffee chain counters critics who can’t stand their bitter dark roast.
  44. Openings
    Naya Opening This Week in Silver Lake’s Tantra SpaceThe former Tantra is taking style advice from Spacecraft to become a new fusion lounge.
  45. Loco for Locavores
    Silver Lake Couple Produces Feral Honey at HomeThey only barter with the stuff, though they’re not afraid to sell t-shirts.
  46. Openings
    Kale Salad and Grass-Fed Asada Replace Burrito King in Silver LakeMixto Comida Latina’s healthy take on Mexican just might be a sign of times in Silver Lake.
  47. Rumors
    Sorry Silver Lake, Whole Foods Is Not Coming Your WayRumors make the affected neighborhood lose its famous cool for a second.
  48. Closings
    Mixto Comida Latina Taking Over Silver Lake’s Burrito KingThe owners of Tomato Pie are turning it into a sustainable Mexican concept with grass-fed meats.
  49. Coming Soon
    Kristofer Keith Has Big Plans for Tantra SpaceThe restaurant will combine drinking, eating, and an art gallery.
  50. Beef
    Threatened With a Shutdown, El Cid Sounds Really, Really Fun These DaysPublic sex, drunkenness, and noise have the neighbors upset and us dying to get there.
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