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  1. Coming Soon
    The Avenue Delicatessen Coming Soon to LansdowneThe new operation will perfectly marry Italian and Jewish deli traditions.
  2. Coming Soon
    Alla Spina: So Close, You Can Almost Smell the Mortadella Hot DogsThe chef’s tweets make this one of the worst kept secrets of recent memory.
  3. Closings
    Arby’s Neon Cowboy Hat Coming Off in Santa MonicaThe Lincoln location will soon be replaced by a Wendy’s.
  4. Trimmings
    Brickhouse Kitchen Flies A Sign of the TimesWill new signage be enough to lure diners away from the wait at Joe’s?
  5. Signage
    Adventures in Eastern European Candy PunctuationA rare sighting of a double baseline quote mark in the wild. Exciting!
  6. Marketing Gimmicks
    Cause for Concern: The Blown-Up Food Photos of the East VillageIf this keeps up, the neighborhood might just turn into one big Applebee’s picture menu.
  7. Signage
    Did Gapers Block Get Ripped Off by a NYC Restaurant?Did Daniel Boloud “borrow” the Gapers Block logo for his latest New York restaurant?
  8. Signage
    Tag, You’re It: The Violet Hour’s New LookAn 80’s-style wall of graffiti is underway on the wall outside the Wicker Park lounge.
  9. Signage
    D’Manilan’s Fishpond: Multiple-Personality Restaurant Disorder?How many restaurants can one awning hold?
  10. Signage
    See Thru Chinese Kitchen, and Other Terrible NamesThe Chicago restaurant with the dubious honor of being one of the worst-named restaurants in the world.
  11. Trimmings
    Sign of the Times? Tailor Makes Itself More ConspicuousThe previously unmarked restaurant keeps adding signage.
  12. Signage
    Good Grammar, Good FoodFeel superior in the express line.
  13. Signage
    As Seen on TVHope & Anchor is keeping signage leftover from a TV shoot.
  14. Signage
    Good Dumpling House Wants You to Know About Its Coca-Cola ChickenWill new signage make ‘cola chicken’ all the rage?
  15. Trimmings
    Faux-stalgiaIs the removal of the RESTAURANT sign from Double Crown’s façade a tragedy, or just a clean-up job?