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  1. Coffee Talk
    Sightglass Opens the Very Coffee-Geeky Top Bar, UpstairsAnd their Mission outpost is now three months out.
  2. Coffee Talk
    Sightglass Coffee Gets Some Chronicle LoveThe paper just sat up and took notice of the new players in the coffee scene.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Sightglass Readies to Open Their Big Coffee Bar; Cotogna Adds Sidewalk Seats
  4. Coffee Talk
    Learning the Secrets Behind Sightglass, Both the Name and Their Cast-Iron German
  5. Coffee
    Sight Glass Begins Roasting CoffeeThe new coffee bar and roastery is still under construction, but you can sample their wares at their makeshift coffee stand or at a few select cafes around town.
  6. Openings
    Coffee Nerds to Converge on the Newly Open Sight GlassThe “fourth wave” of coffee cultism is, according to 7x7, “the machine age.”