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  1. Book Deals
    Sifton Rides the Literary Gravy Train With ThanksgivingGrateful for book advances.
  2. Faves
    And Now: Sifton’s End of Year ListJust guess.
  3. Unmasked
    Sifton Flaunts His FaceSeen enough?
  4. Humanizing
    A Sentimental Sifton Looks BackSifton faces separation anxiety.
  5. Newzzz
    Good-bye, Oysters and Pearls; Hello, United StatesDid he pack his lunch?
  6. And Cut
    Mr. Critic Bids Farewell, But Not Without SubtextMr. Critic morphs into Mr. Editor.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Sifton Enlightens Us on Chefs’ True Ethnicities — So Vanilla!An Irish guy walks into a paella …
  8. Ciao
    Sifton Leaves in October, But With Whom?Come October, Sifton is out.
  9. Nana
    More Thoughts on Critics; Flavor Memories From NanaOzersky gets deep … fried.
  10. Handsomeness
    George Mendes Votes George Clooney to Replace Sam SiftonBut hiding his face would be such a shame.
  11. Stress
    It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp CriticIt’s not just scallops and a notepad anymore.
  12. Sifton
    Chefs React to Sifton’s SayonaraChefs ponder Sifton’s departure after only two years.
  13. Ciao
    Sam Sifton Officially Named the New York ‘Times’ National EditorBut won’t he be hungry?