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  1. oh no
    De Blasio Says He Will ‘Do Anything’ to Help Di Fara ReopenThe iconic pizzeria was seized by state tax authorities.
  2. Guest Stars
    Lidia Bastianich Coming to Mozza on Tuesday, Shutters on WednesdayThe New York chef is even cooking a mini menu for kids.
  3. We All Scream
    Coolhaus Introduces Santa Monica Ice Cream CartThe ice cream sandwich phenoms are going beach-side for summer.
  4. Foodievents
    Mario Batali Is Cooking at Coast on January 28thIn a rare visit, the massively famous ginger chef will cook two lunches in Santa Monica.
  5. L.A. Diet
    Lidia Bastianich Spends Her Days Gardening and Fishing, Gets Room Service at“We also had a sliced steak in the center and just all took what we wanted. And we drank one or two bottles of Vespa.”
  6. User’s Guide
    Where to Get Your Tacos and Tequila On For Cinco de MayoFrom Italian margaritas at Culina to food specials at Border Grill, you’ll be a superhero if you’re still standing by the end of Thursday night.
  7. Coming Soon
    Spago Vet Mette Williams Takes the Helm at Forthcoming Lexington Social HouseHopefully her cooking helps it stand out from the pack of Hollywood places that blur the line between nightlife and restaurants.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    Christina Aguilera Dines at Mozza; Jennie Garth Hits Great Chefs EventMozza welcomes a famous singer and Jennie Garth perks up a food tasting.