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Shots On The House

  1. Shots on the House
    This 71-Ingredient Cocktail Looks Fantastically GrossIt’s got okra from Jamaica and new potatoes from the Isle of Man in there somewhere.
  2. Good Cookies
    Someone Paid $6,500 for a Box of Dominique Ansel’s Cookie ShotsThe price included a shot with the baker himself.
  3. Shots Fired
    Dominique Ansel Cookie Shots Officially Go on Sale in New York This FridayHere are the facts you need to know before the big launch.
  4. Shots on the House
    Dominique Ansel Debuts Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Milk ‘Shots’Plus, we’ve got the details on April’s cronut flavor.
  5. Shots on the House
    Get Drunk Faster With GirlsMaybe you’ll go home sober — who knows?
  6. Shots On The House
    Are You Ready for ‘Electricity’- and Wasabi-Flavored Vodkas?This is going to hurt tomorrow.