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  1. shortages
    Life Without Cream CheeseWe are learning the hard way that cream cheese is truly irreplaceable.
  2. potatoes
    Is It Time to Start Hoarding French Fries?The truth about this week’s most overblown food story.
  3. shortages
    Tab Shortage Sparks Nationwide Diet-Soda Freak-outAfter the largest independent bottler of Coke products stopped canning Tab, people are losing it.
  4. news you can booze
    Get Ready to Feel the Pain of a Japanese Whiskey ShortageSome of the country’s best distillers have started rationing supplies.
  5. festival fails
    All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Fest Reportedly Runs Out of Pizza“Been here one hour, queued for 50 mins, managed to get 1 slice of pizza so far.”
  6. shortages
    A Lobster Shortage Is Causing Prices to SkyrocketBad weather and high demand have caused prices to double.
  7. shortages
    People Have Begun Panic-Buying Necco WafersDiehards are coming out of the woodwork to stockpile them, now that they’re in danger.
  8. shortages
    New York Is Literally Running Out of CheetosAnd Doritos, and Fritos, and lots of other junk food.
  9. shortages
    Now KFC Is Running Out of GravyThe “operational issues” continue.
  10. the chain gang
    KFC Apologized for Its Chicken Shortage With a Seriously Great AdJust a cheeky little chicken ad from the U.K.
  11. the chain gang
    KFCs Ran Out of Chicken in the U.K. — and the Internet Just Cannot Handle ItA delivery-service change somehow forced almost 700 locations to close.
  12. shortages
    New Research Says Chocolate Could Be Extinct by 2050A not-so-sweet start to 2018.
  13. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Seems Shocked That People Actually Want to Eat Its Chicken TendersThe mega-chain needs to resupply its successful new menu item.
  14. shortages
    Avocado Prices Climb to an Even Crazier All-time HighA case of them costs four times what it did at the start of 2016.
  15. shortages
    America Is Running Out of Chicken WingsBuffalo Wild Wings says prices have hit “a historic high.”
  16. shortages
    India’s Political Unrest Has Caused a Darjeeling Tea ShortageOne grower calls it “the worst crisis we have ever faced.”
  17. shortages
    Bacon Prices Are 80 Percent Higher This YearAmerica’s reserves have hit a 60-year low.
  18. shortages
    Freak Weather Has Decimated the South’s Peach SuppliesNow a shortage is looming just in time for summer.
  19. good news
    California Farmers May Soon Be Able to Grow Avocados Year-roundResearchers say they’ve found three varieties that could last all four seasons.
  20. shortages
    Now, California’s Almonds Are Getting Destroyed by Too Much RainMore than 27 inches have inundated the state’s $5 billion crop this winter.
  21. shortages
    Get Ready for a Maple-Syrup ShortageThat crazy-warm February has harvests down by as much as 75 percent.
  22. shortages
    The British Are Panicking Because Supermarkets Have Started Rationing VegetablesBad weather has caused a shortage of lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, and broccoli.
  23. shortages
    Devastating Whipped-Cream Shortage Arrives Just in Time for the HolidaysThe nitrous used to make spray cans is in very short supply.
  24. shortages
    American Tourists Are Eating All of Cuba’s Already Scarce Food“There is generally a lot of chaos and disorder in the market.”
  25. shortages
    Brace Yourself for an Orange-Juice ShortageThis year’s harvest is the worst since records started 100 years ago.
  26. shortages
    Marmite Crisis Puts Britain on the Brink of Total CollapseBlame Brexit.
  27. Get Ready for a Caribbean Coconut ShortageInsane demand has shrunk production in the region by as much as 60 percent.
  28. shortages
    Northeast Braces for Devastating Peach ShortageThe region’s crop was decimated by a mid-February freeze.
  29. shortages
    America’s Pesticides Are Threatening Organic HoneyBeekeepers say consumers should start looking outside the U.S.
  30. Some Even Worse News for America’s Beloved AvocadosA California heat wave has some farmers predicting “a minimal amount” for next year.
  31. Shortages
    Looming Vanilla Shortage Arrives Just in Time to Ruin Ice-Cream SeasonPrices are up 150 percent since last year.
  32. Shortages
    The World Is Running Out of Good ScotchAnalysts say demand for single malt is only “going to get worse.”
  33. Yikes
    U.N. Warns the Declining Bee Population Is Going to Devastate Our Food SupplyThe organization’s alarming report says a rising number of “pollinators” face extinction.
  34. Shortages
    Climate Change Is Decimating Maine’s Lobster PopulationAn alarming study says a warm-water disease threatens Maine’s whole industry.
  35. Shortages
    Get Ready for a Chocolate ShortageThe industry’s top brands are spending $1 billion to increase cocoa’s productivity.
  36. Shortages
    Small Breweries Are Literally Running Out of Beer CansThere’s just too much good beer out there.
  37. Shortages
    Despite Bird Flu Epidemic, Turkey’s Somehow Cheaper Than Last YearTurns out reports of their deaths were greatly exaggerated.
  38. Shortages
    England Is Running Out of Curry ChefsOne third of its 12,500 curry houses reportedly can’t find chefs.
  39. Shortages
    Add Maine’s Cod to the List of Things Decimated by Global WarmingScientists now blame rising water temperatures more than overfishing.
  40. Shortages
    The Now-Annual Tradition of Pappy Van Winkle Scaremongering Has BegunThe venerable distillery says to expect half as much of its bourbon this year.
  41. Shortages
    The Ocean Contains Half the Fish It Had 50 Years AgoBad news for tuna lovers.
  42. Shortages
    Get Ready for a Pumpkin-Pie Shortage This ThanksgivingFlooding has reduced some companies’ supplies by a third.
  43. Shortages
    Hamptons Bracing for Another ‘Devastating’ Rosé ShortageSupplies could be out by Labor Day; after that, the apocalypse starts.
  44. Shortages
    The Price of Olive Oil Is About to Reach an All-Time HighThere’s been a 50 percent decline in the production of Spanish and Italian olive oils.
  45. Shortages
    Brace Yourself for a Thanksgiving Turkey ShortageThe bird flu is causing a steep decline.
  46. Shortages
    Eggs Are About to Become More Expensive Than EverThe cost of a dozen jumped by as much as 23 cents in just the last week.
  47. Shortages
    Chipotle Says Its Pork Shortage Will Continue — and Its Beef Prices WillThe company admits multiple meat crises are hurting sales.
  48. Shortages
    Chipotle Breaks the News That Carnitas Won’t Return Anytime Soon“We don’t know for sure when we’ll be fully supplied again.”
  49. Shortages
    Pastrami’s Skyrocketing Price Is Killing New York Deli OwnersSome are considering taking it off the menu.
  50. Shortages
    Are High Prices to Blame for the Existence of the Texas Brisket Bandit?“It’s gold now.”
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