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Shola Olunloyo

  1. Rumor Mill
    Did Raw Pull Out of the Piazza?The restaurant went in to the space following Speck’s demise.
  2. The Other Blogs
    Joshua Scott Albert Admits Being StaphMeal; Name Drops ‘MarcieThe StaphMeal blogger outs himself.
  3. Lawsuits
    Georges Perrier to StaphMeal: See You In Court, Whoever You Are!The attorney is seeking the identity of the mysterious blogger to hold them accountable for what they have published.
  4. Openings
    Raw Opened at the Piazza Last Week and No One Seemed to NoticeThe restaurant has been open for more than a week.
  5. Beef
    Speck’s Failure Gets Dissected, But Does Anyone Actually Care?Who’s to blame at this point? Or is it more like, who cares?
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Birra Snags Shola OlunloyoThe onetime mastermind behind one of the biggest restaurant letdowns of recent memory has signed on to tweak Birra’s menu.
  7. The Other Magazines
    Foursquare and Free Beer: The Secret to P.Y.T.’s SuccessBy offering guests a free beer for every check in, Tommy Up made P.Y.T. one of the most visited locations in the Foursquare network.
  8. Rumor Mill
    Say It Isn’t So: Olunloyo Gets Locked Out of SpeckIf rumors are true, this won’t bode well for Speck’s opening.
  9. Rumor Mill
    What Does Philly Homegrown Know That the Rest of Us Don’t About Speck?The blog says the restaurant is open, but surely there it would have made a much bigger splash if it did.
  10. Trends
    We’re, Like, Totally Getting Farmed OutFarm fetishism is reaching a fever pitch.
  11. Rumor Mill
    Is This For Real or Just More Rumor and Speck-ulation?A mysterious tweeter says Speck is days away from opening, but no one’s holding their breath waiting.
  12. The Other Blogs
    Everything About Speck Will Be Revealed on WednesdayThe enigmatic chef will discuss Speck and everything else on his blog on Wednesday.
  13. Coming Soon
    Speck: It’s More Like ‘Shola Olunloyo and a Series of UnfortunateIn trying to open Speck, Shola Olunloyo has encountered, like, 900 different obstacles from city codes to a faulty gas line that nearly blew the place up.
  14. Coming Soon
    Photos Prove Speck Really Is Almost Ready to OpenUp close and personal pictures show that progress has been made and the space looks amazing.
  15. Foodievents
    It’s Not Speck, But Most Likely the Next Best ThingSpeck is most likely not opening this year, but Olunloyo is hosting a special dinner tomorrow night.
  16. Video Feed
    Speck’s Opening Might Come Sooner Than You ThinkThe new video show’s Speck in all its glory.
  17. Openings
    After Long Delays Agiato and Sticks & Stones Open; How Much Longer for Speck?With two of the longest delayed restaurant projects finally opened, we can’t help but wonder how far off is Speck’s debut?
  18. Empire Building
    Aimee Olexy Enters Starr’s OrbitWhile rumors have been circulating for months, Talula’s Table’s Aimee Olexy confirmed that she’s opening a restaurant with Starr.
  19. Openings
    Speck Nearing Completion, For Real This TimeAfter repeated setbacks, Speck is on track for an opening in coming weeks.
  20. Openings
    Speck’s Setbacks Spur RefundsThe long-awaited restaurant is reportedly six more weeks away from opening.
  21. Fall Preview
    Fall Restaurant Preview: Where and What to EatA look at new an notable restaurants opening this fall.
  22. Tough Tables
    Speck’s StudioKitchen Won’t Launch Until OctoberWhile Speck is on track for a September opening, the StudioKitchen dinners will not begin until October.
  23. Openings
    Olunloyo Eyes Early Fall For Speck’s OpeningSpeck will feature neutral colors, natural wood tones and large glass doors opening out to the Piazza.
  24. Openings
    Details Emerge on Speck’s Studiokitchen DinnersSpeck’s kitchen counter’s will seat up to eight guests for Studiokitchen dinners.
  25. Openings
    Shola Moves on to Plan B, Will Open Speck in the PiazzaThe Piazza lands the enigmatic chef
  26. Openings
    Studiokitchen Will Be BYOB and in NoLibsMore details on the upcoming Studiokitchen restaurant
  27. Openings
    Shola Olunloyo to Re-Open Studiokitchen in a Permanent LocationAt long last, Studiokitchen to finally make a permanent return
  28. The Philadelphia Diet
    Shola Olunloyo Drinks Jimi Hendricks, Makes Lemon-Brie Ice Creams“Brie and lemon curd, who knew? I decided it needed to be an ice cream flavor and 48 hours later, bada bing!”