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Sho Kamio

  1. Foodies With Benefits
    What You Missed at the Japan Benefit Dinner at Prospect Last SundaySee a food porn slideshow from Sunday’s benefit dinner.
  2. Foodies With Benefits
    Sendai Natives Sho Kamio and Hiro Sone Organize Big Benefit for JapanTwo events will happen, the first at Prospect on April 3, and the second at Yoshi’s on April 9.
  3. Dish Demo
    Chef Sho Kamio Shows Us How to Slice SashimiIn our latest dish demo video, the Yoshi’s chef demonstrates proper fluke-cutting technique.
  4. Mediavore
    Making Ten Dozen Tamales for Christmas; Cooking Shows Score Gangbuster Ratings
  5. Trends
    SF Chefs Using Miso in Strange New WaysChefs embrace miso after junket to Japan.