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  1. Booze News
    M.I.A. Takes On the Beck’s Beer LabelPeace, love, harmony, … beer.
  2. Shilling
    Jason Alexander: Plenty of Soup for YouThe onetime souper non grata is shilling for the Soup Nazi.
  3. Other Sites
    Is Yelp Just a Bastion of Pollyannas?Why are most reviews 4.3 stars out of 5?
  4. Top Chef
    Top Chef Announces Top Shills, Natalie PortmanDiet Coke and Macy’s join the ‘Top Chef’ cash machine. As does Natalie Portman.
  5. Top Chef
    Top Chef Discovers Entire New Level of ShillingIntroducing ‘Top Chef’ wine, cutlery, and flower arrangements!