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  1. Events
    Sherry Seminar at Vera, Can You Come Out January 19?Sherry, ooh Sherry baby.
  2. Menu Changes
    The Beagle Goes Small-Plates-OnlyThe quirky cocktail bar has revamped its food menu.
  3. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Francesca, With PhotosSee pics of the seafood-leaning Basque fare.
  4. Events
    Vera To Host ‘Journey to Jerez’ Sherry Dinner March 5th11 sherries will be paired with Spanish food at Vera dinner.
  5. Mediavore
    Poultry Feels Your Pain; Michelle Rodriguez Mocked For Food GaffeChickens may have the ability to feel empathy, so consider that next time you dive into a box of McNuggets.
  6. NewsFeed
    Dovetail’s John Fraser Will Pair Your Food With SherryThe chef explains why sherry is not just for grandma anymore.