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Shark Fin

  1. Extinction Risk
    Whale Sharks Are Being Slaughtered in ChinaFisherman are deliberately killing the biggest fish in the world.
  2. Fin Ban
    China Isn’t Feeling Shark-Fin Soup So Much Anymore“We are getting lots of signals that attitudes are changing and prices are dropping because people no longer want to eat shark fin soup,” an activist says.
  3. Fin
    New York State Legislature Approves Ban on Sale of Shark FinsGovernor Cuomo just needs to sign off now.
  4. Fin City
    China Has Banned Shark-Fin Soup at State BanquetsThe ban will go into effect sometime in the next three years.
  5. Bans and Fans
    A Leo Tweet Lands on Our TurfLeo tweets a request for help with the shark-fin ban.
  6. Mediavore
    President Obama’s Shark Fin Faux-Pas; Dino’s Burgers Opens in Pico-RiveraTongues wag as The Commander in Chief goes to one of San Francisco’s last restaurant’s serving the banned delicacy.
  7. Mediavore
    Shark Fin Smugglers Get Caught; Hello Kitty Restaurant Wows JapanHigher minimum wage in San Francisco could mean fewer restaurant jobs, Wendy’s is big in Japan, and more in our daily news feed.
  8. Mediavore
    Shark Fin Purveyors Are Fuming; Meet Swedish Chef Magnus NilssonThe sandwich chain wants you to have it your way, without sullying your fingers with cash.
  9. The Gold Watch
    The Brothers Gold Go Hunting for Shark Fin (On the Menu)Mark Gold opposes a provision that would allow for so-called sustainable shark fins to be sold.
  10. Endangered
    Jack Lee Removes Shark Fin From His Egg-RollThe Hollywood caterer has a change of heart and mind, replacing the controversial ingredient with Alaskan king crab.
  11. Endangered
    Hollywood Caterer Jack Lee Throws Shark Fin Into His $100 Lobster EggrollEven Jonathan Gold can’t sway the chef behind Chinois Cuisine to forgo the delicacy.
  12. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold’s Brother Goes Behind the Scenes of Shark Fin Op-EdThe activist even claims to have once physically threatened his brother for eying the shark fin at a Chinese restaurant.
  13. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Backs Ban on Shark Fin“We either stop eating it because we choose to preserve the species, or we stop eating it because soon there will be none left to eat.”
  14. Endangered
    Shark Fin Ban Battle Gets Hot: Which Side is Yao Ming On?Sides are increasingly being drawn, with powerful San Francisco lawmakers and Chinese restaurant owners on one side and green celebrities and environmental activists on the other.
  15. Endangered
    California State Assembly Pushes A Ban on Shark FinsAn opponent calls the proposed bill insensitive to Asian culture.
  16. Mediavore
    Getting Married at McDonald’s; Homeboy Chips and Salsa a Hit at Ralph’sMeanwhile, California seeks to ban the possession and distribution of shark fins.
  17. Mediavore
    Fish Found with Mercury Across Nation’s Streams; Prosciutto Could Be Posted asFish tested across the nation have mercury-contamination, while Italy considers wine and cured meat as a loan collateral for food producers.
  18. Politics of Eating
    Alice Waters Gives Up Beloved Shark FinAfter catching flack from Bourdain for saying she’d eat shark-fin soup as a last meal, Alice Waters has thought better of it.