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  1. War On Noodles
    Mad Scientists Invent Hot-Noodle Vending MachineYet these same inventors seem to think the machines will be able to replace noodle shops — which does not sound okay because noodle shops are the best.
  2. Translation Problems
    American-ish Pies: The Very Strange Story of the Grimaldi’sHow a New York pizza legend’s name wound up at the center of an international counterfeit-restaurant saga.
  3. Shanghai Surprise
    Robert De Niro Opening ‘Multiple Restaurants’ in ShanghaiWhich “well-known U.S. chefs” are headed to China?
  4. Closings
    Third-Try Shanghai Closes in Former Mecca SpaceIt lasted four and a half months.
  5. Openings
    What to Eat at Shanghai, the Third Chinese Incarnation at the Former Mecca,83-year-old Francis Tsai, longtime owner of Wu Kong at Rincon Center, is trying once again in the space to do a Shanghaiese concept.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Shanghai on Schedule for Mid-August; Umami Mart Coming to OaklandAlso, a chef shuffle at El Paseo.
  7. Previews
    Shanghai to Open in Former Mecca Space in Mid-AugustThe same guy behind Pudong and Gingerfruit, 83-year-old Francis Tsai, is trying one more time.
  8. Burger Time
    In-N-Out Burger Pops-Up in Shanghai to Defend Its PurityThe SoCal burger chain comes gunning for a bootlegger named CaliBurger.
  9. Mediavore
    Obama Nightclub Opens in Shanghai; Chocolate Consumption Linked to DepressionVegas glitz comes to Chinese nightlife and a favored sweet could cause the blues.
  10. Mediavore
    Shrimp Catch Soars; New USDA Tests Could Doom Small FarmsPlus: wine grapes as global warming barometer, and The Obama revolutionizes Shanghai nightlife, all in our morning news roundup.