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Shameless Restaurants

  1. NewsFeed
    It’s Not a Good Day to Be a Restaurant WebsiteThere’s been some to-do over Momofuku Ko’s resy site going up and down (the latest: Momofuku is telling Eater that it’s the result of a concentrated attack; an eGulleter speculates that David Chang dropped beer on the server, but more troubling (in the long run, anyway) is the fact that the Shameless Restaurants board has been down for at least two days. The gossip “industry workers stories” site bounced back from a similar hiatus a while back; let’s hope, for the sake of juicy reads, that it’ll do the same this time. Shameless Restaurants [Lunar Pages]
  2. NewsFeed
    Shameless Restaurants Returns to the Net, UnashamedEarlier this month, Eater pointed out that Shameless Restaurants was offline and wondered whether someone had finally taken legal action against the Perez Hilton of the restaurant-industry sites. Whatever happened (perhaps the Webmaster couldn’t pay the bill because some drunk, womanizing GM with halitosis was stealing tips at his or her day job), the site is again up and running and operating full steam. In fact, there’s a recent post from the reader who wrote into us claiming she encountered prostitutes at the Maze’s bar — and for good measure she throws in the name of the restaurant’s floor manager. Who knows whether he’s responsible for the infestation or whether it even exists — but that’s exactly what keeps us coming back. Requiem for ShamelessRestaurants.com [Eater] Shameless Restaurants [Official Site]
  3. Back of the House
    Unspeakable Images of Bottino’s Kitchen Are Now Burned in Our BrainsThere are few sites that entertain us more than Shameless Restaurants, where anonymous industry toilers rant about their current or former employers. However when we ran across this post on Bottino, a restaurant we like, we weren’t so much entertained as grossed out and skeptical. If you have a good appetite right now, you may want to hold off reading this screed from a former waiter.