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Sex And Bacon

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    Porn Star Who’ll Eat Anything Draws the Line at CheeseWe’re always dubious when writers mix food and fornication, but we couldn’t resist dipping into an essay collection, Sex and Bacon, to be published in May by onetime porn actress–prostitute Sarah Katherine Lewis. We agree with Lewis’s take on frying chicken — “a wild, feral act of meat-loving debauchery” — and we can see why she compares fat to a pair of black boots: “It goes with anything, always adds welcome flair, and gives you a sexy, ass-swaying strut.” But after pages of delighting in everything from raw whale meat to three pounds of bacon (“just enough”) to things you probably don’t want to know about, she confesses that she draws the line at cheese, “something I cannot contemplate eating without breathing deliberately, to avoid retching.” This is more baffling than pickle-phobia! Has anyone else been traumatized by what Lewis memorably calls “cheese rape”?