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  1. Service
    Even Danny Meyer Hates When Servers Ask, ‘How Is Everything?’The restaurant mogul has the same dining peeve as everyone else.
  2. Service!
    Calliope’s $16 Lunch (With Wine) Is a Fantastic DealIt’s inspired by little French bistros.
  3. Service!
    U.K. Bartender Subjects Tony Blair to Most Awkward Citizen’s Arrest Ever“I didn’t expect him to start debating with me.”
  4. The Ivory Pepper Grinder
    Fine-Dining Restaurant Servers Increasingly Likely to Have Pricey CollegeYour server at Eleven Madison Park likely went to a better school than you did.
  5. Waiter Grievances
    Surprise: Restaurant Servers Find Everything You Do Very AnnoyingWaiters have pet peeves, too.
  6. Etiquette
    Andrew Zimmern Hates on a Restaurant That’s Most Likely Sushi YasudaBut he won’t explicitly identify the East 40s sushi bar that has a no-tip policy.
  7. Service
    Do We Need Maître’ds After All?Do we need maître’ds after all?
  8. Customer Care
    They Know What You Did Last DinnerRestaurants are watching.
  9. Service Issues
    Waiters Tell You 30 Things Waiters Will Never Tell YouDo you really want to know what’s happening in the back of the house?
  10. Eatiquette
    Have You Ever Wanted to Tell Your Server That ‘Hovering Is forNow you can!
  11. Eatiquette
    ‘No Problem,’ ‘Working on That,’ and Other ThingsThe latest installment in a restaurateur’s list of service no-no’s.
  12. Service Issues
    Kevin Spacey Fires Up, Gets Waiter Fired?A waiter claims he was axed because of an interaction with Kevin Spacey
  13. Eatiquette
    Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never DoNo, we DON’T want to hear about the specials.
  14. Mediavore
    Fancy Napa Street Food; First Date No-Nos
  15. Oh Waiter
    Diner’s Bill of Rights: ‘Be Very Friendly. But Don’t Try to BeA blogger offers “40 Tips on How to Be a Good Waiter.”
  16. Foodie Feminism
    Foodie Feminists Say ‘Oh No You Didn’t’Bloggers are upset that Bruni advanced dining stereotypes and that Josh Ozersky is promising columns from ‘the top men in the field.’
  17. Eatiquette
    Should You Tell Your Server If Your Meal Sucks?“Actually, it wasn’t that great.”
  18. NewsFeed
    Daniel Hires Its First Female Maître D’The position of chef remains overwhelmingly male, a fact we wrote about recently in the magazine, but maître d’, the functional boss of the dining room, has been if anything even more so. That’s why the promotion of Maite Montenegro to head maître’ d’ at Daniel this week is so notable. The maître d’ is the ultimate restaurant authority figure, the person that knows how to treat everybody and whom everybody trusts and looks to for guidance.