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  1. the quarantine diet
    J. Kenji López-Alt Quarantines With Carnitas and Breakfast Strata“We eat a lot of pancakes, but not today.”
  2. food media
    The Oral History of Serious EatsHow a cash-strapped start-up became the internet’s food-nerd utopia.
  3. Food Fight
    Kenji López-Alt Drops Out of Ramen Party After the Fat Jew Gets Added As Co-HostIvan Ramen, Sun Noodle, and Yuji have dropped out, too.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Starburns From Community Not a Fan of Umami Burger’s New Monte“Yeah, it’s really me and I get really mad about food!!!” he writes. “The only thing worth getting mad about. That and racism.”
  5. Other Magazines
    Serious Eats Debuts Digital Magazine With Grilling IssueAnnual digital subscriptions are going for the low, low price of $19.99.
  6. Vegans
    Can Craigie on Main Please a Vegan?Yes, Tony Maws can make vegans happy (with a little bit of notice).
  7. Burgers
    Is Wayfare Tavern’s Nineteen-Dollar Burger Worth the Price?Sure, it has brie on it, but…
  8. Best Of 2011
    Doughnuts, Tripe Tacos, Make Serious Eats Chicago Best Bites ListSerious Eats Chicago rolls out its list of best bites for 2011.
  9. Blogs
    Serious Eats To Launch Chicago EditionSerious Eats launches Chicago edition.
  10. The Philadelphia Diet
    Illustrator Hawk Krall Freezes His Beans and Drinks Mind-Blowingly Good Beers“I always get the ‘Jarocho Style Eggs’ with a massive pool of refried beans over cheese wrapped crispy tortillas”
  11. Price Check
    Blogger Sees Red Over $5 Coke and David Chang Bubbles OverThe Momofuku man’s latest Twitter tiff.
  12. Friday Funnies
    April Fools’! BaconAir, Vegan Burgers, Toast Joints, and Pizza PranksA rundown of today’s April Fools’ Day hoaxes.
  13. Lists
    The Chicago Pizza Map: How Many Have Your Tried?We have a few places to visit…
  14. The Other Critics
    Spiceheads, What Say You? Could Boston Be A Sichuan City?Boston picks for sublime Sichuan.
  15. James Beard Awards
    Who Won at the James Beard Foundation Media AwardsBig wins for Ed Levine and the cookbook of the year.
  16. Bookshelf
    Serious Eater Ed Levine Bags a Book DealPlus, Le Pain Quotidien: The Cookbook.
  17. Trends
    Which Food Term Should Be Taken Off the Menu?A fight erupts over food terms and abbreviations that are getting way overused.
  18. Video Feed
    Locavore Summer Film FestivalWatch videos about urban beekeeping and a Greenmarket farmer.
  19. Foodievents
    Serious Eats Forced to Eat Humble Pie Over Food-Fest FailThought the lines at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party were bad? No, THIS is bad.
  20. The New York Diet
    Ed Levine Eats, But Not As Much As You’d Think’Alex from Blondie and Brownie brought over some Elvis cupcakes topped with bacon, peanut-butter frosting, and [they] were banana cupcakes — this is what I’m subjected to all the time.’
  21. NewsFeed
    Vegans and Their Enemies Enliven ‘Times’ BlogVeganism’s enemies speak out, but we want to hear from you.
  22. NewsFeed
    Where to Eat in Flushing (Hint: It’s in a Mall)A starting point for beginning food explorers in Queens.
  23. NewsFeed
    Ed Levine Ponders the Stars“Easy” Ed Levine is going to start reviewing restaurants, but isn’t sure he should have a star system. We say: Follow the ‘New York’ way.
  24. Back of the House
    Plotnicki Feels the Heat From Fellow BloggersSteve Plotnicki may be the “king of the food bloggers,” but that doesn’t mean they all love him or his new restaurant survey.
  25. NewsFeed
    Bagel Claim Laid Bare?When we read in The New Yorker last week of a Long Island man who claimed to have invented the everything bagel 30 years ago in Howard Beach, one line stood out: “So far, no one has contested Gussin’s claim, setting his invention apart from the radio (Marconi vs. Tesla) and calculus (Leibniz vs. Newton). ” A droll enough observation, but one we suspected wouldn’t last long in a city filled with boastful, self-promoting bagel mavens. And sure enough, Serious Eats reports that marketer Seth Godin has already contested the claim. But are we really to believe that the world waited until 1977 for the invention of the everything bagel? Somebody’s zayde in Warsaw is going to be getting a phone call soon. Who Really Fathered the Everything Bagel? [Serious Eats]
  26. Mediavore
    De Marco’s Maniac Caught On Tape; NYC Denied Shamrock ShakesThe NYPD releases a surveillance video of the De Marco’s gun battle. It’s difficult to make out, but very graphic and not a little disturbing. [WNBC] Brace yourselves: McDonald’s has decreed that there will be no more Shamrock Shakes in NYC, although they’re still widely available elsewhere. What’s up with that? [NYDN] The Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group is enjoying a sudden bidding war for its acquisition, after having already accepted a good offer. [Crain’s]
  27. Back of the House
    Caught on Video: Susie Essman, Jeffrey Steingarten Eating FrenzyIt’s a standard gripe among foodie types that TV food personalities are too plastic, too telegenic — that in other words, they’re chosen for their appearance rather than their cred. But witnessing a dinner conversation between the acerbic comedian Susie Essman, of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Vogue food critic (and Iron Chef guest judge) Jeffrey Steingarten on Serious Eats helps explain why TV food hosts look the way they do. Essman is likably gruff and witty, and Steingarten erudite, but these might be the two unhealthiest-looking people we’ve seen since Alexander Litvinenko. Watching them devour fried rice, egg rolls, and noodles at Chinatown Brasserie while talking about eating horse fat made us want to join an ashram and live on nuts and berries. And that’s saying something. Bring back the Stepford chefs! We finally see why TV needs them. Serious Eats Video: Hecklers and Horse Fat [Serious Eats]