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Serious Eats Chicago

  1. Hot Dog!
    Battle of the Chicago Hot DogsHot dogs are in the news!
  2. Tourist Traps
    Serious Eats Has a Really Not Good Time at Ed Debevic’sA tourist trap does not reward exploration by locals.
  3. Bagels
    The State of the Bagel in ChicagoThe State of our bagel is strong.
  4. Ethnic Foods
    Serious Eats Looks at Chinese Food Not By Tony Hu and Named LaoThings to check out in Chinatown.
  5. Exploring
    Where To Go For Lunch Today Without Going OutsideWhat to eat in the Pedway.
  6. Chicago Gourmet
    See All 15 Hamburger Hop Hamburger ContendersThe burgers that could been contenders.
  7. Lunch
    Yes, Virginia, There Is Somewhere To Eat Lunch in the LoopBest things to eat in the Loop.
  8. Sandwiches
    What Would Your Best Sandwich In Chicago Be?The best sandwiches in Chicago… or so these food writers say.
  9. Ethnic Foods
    Go Out For Thai With She Simmers at Serious Eats ChicagoShe Simmers blogger picks great Thai dishes.
  10. Mexican Food
    See the Diversity of Mexican Street Food at the Maxwell Street MarketA wide range of authentic Mexican food awaits at Maxwell Street Market.
  11. Ice Cream
    Check Out David Burke’s Primehouse’s Ice Cream Pop-UpIce cream popup at David Burke’s Primehouse.
  12. Alfresco
    Serious Eats Tells You Where To Park It, BuddyWhere to grab a picnic for Chicago’s parks.
  13. Chinatown
    Serious Eats Chicago Guides You To The Best of Chinatown’s Best Chef14 must-eat dishes from Tony Hu’s Chinatown empire.
  14. The Other Critics
    Serious Eats’ Dennis Lee Braves Sushi at New Loop Walgreen’sSerious Eats Chicago explores the madhouse that is the new Loop Walgreen’s.
  15. Ramen
    Dueling Ramen Masters: Dolinsky Vs. Serious EatsRamenpalooza— which is Chicago’s best?
  16. Blogs
    Serious Eats Chicago LaunchesFirst day for new food site.