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  1. Rumors
    Miss Lily’s Reportedly Headed to the East Village [Updated]More jerk chicken for everyone.
  2. Closings
    7A Will Close on January 26The Miss Lily’s owners are rumored to be turning the space into a southern restaurant.
  3. Openings
    What to Eat at MaisonO, Tadashi Ono’s New Izakaya in the Old Kenmare SpaceThe izakaya takes some design cues from a 1977 Japanese cult horror movie.
  4. Nightlife
    First Look at Super Linda, a Matt Abramcyk, Serge Becker, Richard Ampudia, JohnTwo of New York nightlife’s biggest magic-makers have teamed up.
  5. Transatlantic
    London Gets a Taste of Serge BeckerAnd it’s covered in guac.
  6. Openings
    What to Eat at Miss Lily’s, Now Serving Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken to theSerge Becker’s jerk-chicken joint is currently in previews.
  7. Closings
    After Fifteen Years, Soho’s Lovely Little Garden, Le Jardin, Has ClosedWho will snag one of the city’s sweetest backyards?
  8. Mad As Hell
    Friedman, Becker, McNally Team Up to Fight ‘Unbearable’ City HallRestaurateurs have been “treated like an ATM machine,” says Ken Friedman.
  9. Community Boards
    Grimaldis Eye the Bowery While Miss Lily’s Gets OK’d for HoustonThe latest from Community Board 2.
  10. Musical Interlude
    How to Be a ‘Downtown King’Hint: It involves going to Serge Becker’s places. And … Magnolia?
  11. Clarifications
    Five Years In, La Esquina Says Becker Is Not a BackerThe man long thought to be the owner of La Esquina is actually just a “former consultant.”
  12. Beef
    Serge Becker Bites BackThe nightlife impresario finally goes on record about Anna Wintour’s opposition to Miss Lily’s.
  13. Beef
    Is Anna Wintour Being a Smidge Inconsistent About Miss Lily’s?Plus, Serge Becker’s alleged babymama gets wrapped up in the fight.
  14. Community Boards
    Anna Wintour Takes a Front-Row Seat at the Miss Lily’s ShowThe most chic community-board meeting ever.
  15. Openings
    Serge Becker Teaming With Top Doorman?Binn of 1 Oak is said to be the owner of Miss Lily.
  16. Openings
    Serge Becker’s Latest: Miss Lily’s in Former Le Gamin SpaceDetails emerge about Serge Becker’s new Caribbean restaurant.
  17. Empire Building
    Serge Becker Bringing Caribbean to Greenwich Village?Anna Wintour is apparently not amused.
  18. Empire Building
    Serge Becker’s Bathhouse Plans Are Heating UpIs the city’s consummate downtowner planning a Varick Street hamam?
  19. Slideshow
    Kenmare Will Do ‘the Chicken’ TonightA look at chef Joey Campanaro’s dishes.
  20. Openings
    Serge Becker and Team Lure Will Revamp Chinatown BrasserieA new restaurant is expected to open.
  21. Swiss Watch
    Café Select Opens for DinnerWe’re thinking it qualifies as a ‘female’ restaurant.
  22. Swiss Watch
    First Look: Café SelectCheck out the inside of Serge Becker’s new Swiss restaurant.
  23. Swiss Watch
    Café Select: Come Back in a MonthSerge Becker’s new Swiss spot won’t be ready to open until October 10.
  24. NewsFeed
    Swiss Watch: Café Select at Least a Month AwayAn inside look at the Swiss restaurant that the guys from Touch of Class are opening with the help of Serge Becker.
  25. NewsFeed
    The Box Still Revels in Cocaine and Sex ToysAnd owner Simon Hammerstein is still searching for a boozy bathhouse.
  26. Openings
    Swiss Watch: Serge Becker’s Café Select Soft-Opens Across From La EsquinaSerge Becker’s new place with A Touch of Class D.J.’s Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen opened last night for a private party.
  27. NewsFeed
    Swiss Watch: Serge Becker’s New Venture Blessed By Community BoardDespite Community Board 2’s hard-assed reputation, it looks like Serge Becker, Oliver Stumm, Dominique Clausen, and their new project at 212 Lafayette are in the clear.
  28. NewsFeed
    Confirmed: Serge Becker Reviving Eastanah SpaceSerge Becker’s rep isn’t saying anything more than what we’ve already heard about his new restaurant in the former Eastanah space, but she confirms that his partners are Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen of A Touch of Class.
  29. NewsFeed
    Is This Serge Becker’s New Restaurant?A source close to D.J. duo A Touch of Class says that the Zurich natives are collaborating with Serge Becker on a new project.
  30. NewsFeed
    McNally Plans to Frenchify Minetta Tavern, Assures CB It’s No Big DealA year ago, Keith McNally claimed Morandi would be his last restaurant, but he revealed at last night’s Community Board 2 meeting that Minetta Tavern will join his repertoire. McNally plans to keep the name and setup, but change the menu from Italian to French, in the vein of Balthazar. When community residents asked what sort of crowd McNally’s name may draw, he retorted, “They won’t be French,” and explained that his restaurants are “not the type of places where people spill out of white limos.” So he’s not expecting this to be the next Waverly Inn? “I’m lucky if I open the doors and people come,” McNally said. The board approved McNally’s bid. La Esquina showed how it’s done when it pleaded for a liquor license for its sidewalk café. A large group of supporters attested that owners Derek Sanders and Serge Becker are “altruistic and very caring.” Said one resident: “I would personally be bothered if I couldn’t sit down and have a beer.” Word! And application approved. —Lucy Tang
  31. NewsFeed
    La Esquina to Open in Miami; Becker’s Right-Hand Man in Legal LimboAh, the tangled web of nightlife ownership. A while back, Serge Becker, part-owner of The Box and La Esquina, told us in a statement that Cordell Lochin, the young scenester who presented himself as a partner in Becker’s restaurants before being convicted of drug-conspiracy charges, was merely an “indispensable advisor.” A December 15 memo from a government attorney calls that assertion into question, pointing at an undated letter from Becker that describes Lochin as “more than just a business partner.” That letter pleads for leniency because his company is “in the design stage of our second location of ‘La Esquina’ in Miami Beach at ‘the Gale’ hotel.” Exciting news, innit?
  32. Ask a Waiter
    Helena Elko of La Esquina Isn’t Sweating the Taco Wars Not long ago, the owner of newcomer Pinche taqueria accused La Esquina of having less-than-authentic tacos. We were interested to hear the thoughts of Helena Elko, a server at La Esquina since its buzzy opening about two years ago (“It’s the only place where we can sell you a bottle of $700 tequila and then we’ll dance in front of you and tell jokes”). But Pinche’s got nothing on La Esquina, according to Elko. “Of course you’re going to start a war to get attention if you talk shit on La Esquina,” she says, “because everybody goes there.” And just why does everyone go there? We asked the waitress.
  33. NewsFeed
    Serge Becker: Drug-Dealing ‘Consultant’ Is Not a Co-Owner of theGuest of a Guest broke the story yesterday that Cordell Lochin — thought be a partner in Serge Becker’s joints La Esquina, 205, and the Box — will be sentenced on October 10 for importing more than 100 kilos of weed and dealing it in New York in 2004 and 2005. There’s been speculation that the August 24 raid of the Box and La Esquina was related to this, and we’ve heard rumors that Cordell was recently arrested again — but the Box’s publicist, Nadine Johnson, tells us neither of these things are correct (a check with NYPD turned up no recent arrests). She also describes Cordell as a consultant and not a partner in the Box, as reported in a recent Observer profile and other places: “We had taken the decision to call him a partner, but he isn’t a real partner or employee for the Box or La Esquina.” Serge Becker did not know about Cordell’s past until ten days ago, when his case went to trial, Johnson says. She also issued an emphatic statement to Grub Street on behalf of Becker further disavowing Cordell’s ownership stake.
  34. NewsFeed
    La Esquina Reopens, but Serge Becker’s Spots Still Not in the Clear La Esquina’s basement and the Box are open again, but Serge Becker’s woes may not be over. Alberto Armendarig, a reporter for Mexican newspaper La Reforma tells us that last Saturday at 205 (another joint Becker has his stamp on), he was choked by a bouncer and bodily ejected from the club in such a way that he tried to press assault charges (cops didn’t find any marks on him and told him to brush it off and call it a night). Sounds like any other Saturday to us, but Armendarig says he’s now on a quest to close the club down. As it turns out, he may not have to lift a finger. 205 to be Eighty-Sixed?