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    Sensing’s Chef Tells Food & Wine That Boston’s “Welcoming, Phenomenal”Sensing’s chef loves Boston so much that he’s leaving.
  2. Eatiquette
    At Soon-to-Shutter Sensing, Mat Schaffer Experienced the ‘Single RudestSensing’s closing, but not before providing a Herald reviewer with the worst service of his life.
  3. Closings
    So Long, Sensing
  4. The Other Critics
    A Late Look at Sensing; Post 390 StumblesPlus: Boston’s best Turkish, and lovely Piattini Cafe, all in our weekly restaurant review roundup.
  5. Menus
    What to Eat at Sensing This FallAll autumnal flavors are present and accounted for.
  6. Blogston Proper
    Uni Disappoints; Models and Bottles (of Ketchup)Plus: Sensing’s sloppy service, and the inoffensive Stephi’s on Tremont, all in our weekly blog roundup.
  7. Lists
    Stuff’s Hot 100 Admits its BiasStuff Boston is open to bribery.