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    First Look at Red Betty’s, Serving French-Senegalese TonightFormer Asia de Cuba and China Grill chef Malik Fall takes over the former Boucarou space.
  2. Chalk Bored
    You’ll Never Forget Ponty Bistro (Unless You Leave Really Drunk)A look at the charming signage outside a French-African newcomer.
  3. Mediavore
    City Council Might Tackle Labor Violations; Drunks Abound at High-EndCustomers get drunk, carry on, and throw up even at the finest restaurants. Especially at the finest restaurants: “More people throw up in the dining room of Per Se than your average college bar.” [NYT] The City Council is considering a law that would put labor violations on par with health violations, in an effort to protect vulnerable immigrant workers. [NPR] Mocktails are on the rise, thanks to “the whole rehab thing,” and nowhere more successfully than at Indochine. [NYP]