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  1. Crime Scenes
    Shakedown: Seizure-Faking Restaurant Customer Caught by CopsThe crook wanted free meals.
  2. Keeping Your Composure
    Haute Hurling: How the Country’s Best Servers Handle Dining-Room DisastersTop staffers spill their guts.
  3. Closings
    Noble Food & Wine Makes a Less Than Noble ExitThe landlord has seized a relative Nolita newcomer.
  4. Temporary Closings
    H&H Bagels Seized for Lack of Tax PaymentThe latest New York institution to be at least temporarily felled by the tax man.
  5. Tax Break
    Hello NelloNello is open again after sorting out $1.8 million in unpaid taxes with the IRS.
  6. Closings
    Mr. Black Goes BlackThe troubled gay club has been seized for nonpayment of taxes.