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Secret Menus

  1. Sandwichland
    Secret Menu Item of the Week: Boxing Room’s French Fry Po’ BoyIt’s poutine on a roll!
  2. Pizza! Pizza!
    Secret Menu Item of the Week: Buffalo Pizza BombIt’s a pepperoni slice with blue cheese and buffalo sauce baked into it.
  3. User’s Guide
    Secret Fast-Food Items ReduxYou’ve heard of the Shamrock Shake, but what about the McLeprichon?
  4. Secret Menus
    Me Dee Cafe Joins the Late-Night Secret Menu BrigadeSo inaccessible: a secret, all-congee late night menu written in Thai.
  5. Foodievents
    The Drinking & Libation Society: The Newest Secret Club In TownTime Out Chicago launches a new dining club.
  6. Secret Menus
    Chaise Lounge’s Super-Secret Complimentary VIP Course Can Be YoursJust say the secret password to get a free dish at Chaise Lounge.
  7. Menus
    Sun Wah Bar-B-Q’s No-Longer-Secret MenuDuck egg foo young and “Mike’s chicken” are among the restaurant’s off-menu highlights.
  8. Rants
    Tac Quick Thai: Why Do We Even Bother Calling It a Secret Menu Anymore?Tasting Table Chicago launches with a refresher course in how to get truly authentic Thai.