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Season Six

  1. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Interview: Top Chef Winner Michael Voltaggio Reveals His Regrets andMichael Voltaggio tells us what it’s like to be the new Top Chef.
  2. Top Chef
    Jen Carroll Will Pronounce Ceviche Any Way She’d Like“So I say ‘se-veech.’ If it tastes good, who cares what the hell I call it?”
  3. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Michael Introduces Us to Nitro Gazpacho (Again)The cheftestants roll the dice with Todd English.
  4. Top Chef
    Odds Are, Top Chef: Vegas Is Going to Be a Good OneWhat’s up with Padma’s sexy-raspy voice, and who’s going to be the biggest douche bag?
  5. Top Chef
    Top Chef Scouting Report: A Tale of Two JennifersInside scoop on the two Philadelphia contestants
  6. Top Chef
    First Word with Michael Voltaggio, SoCal’s ‘Top Chef: Las Vegas’ HopefulWho exactly is Southern California’s Chef Michael Voltaggio of Top Chef: Season Six?
  7. Top Chef
    First Word with Jen Zavala, One of Two Philly Jens on Top Chef: LasA Q&A with the former El Camino Real chef and Top Chef: Las Vegas hopeful.
  8. Top Chef
    First Word with Jennifer Carroll, One of Two Philly Jens on Top Chef: LasA Q and A with the 10 Arts chef and ‘Top Chef’ hopeful
  9. Top Chef
    First Word With Ash Fulk, New York’s ‘Top Chef: Las Vegas’ HopefulThe chef describes his strengths and weaknesses and whom he got along with.
  10. TV Land
    Top Chef Premiere Party at 10 ArtsLocal contestant’s restaurant hosts a premiere party and screenings
  11. Hell’s Kitchen Premiere: ‘What the [Bleep] Is This?’How great was last night’s episode?
  12. TV Land
    Spoiler Alert: Expect Robert ‘Big Boy’ Hesse to Return toThe season premiere starts with a surprise twist.
  13. TV Land
    Hot Diggity Dog! Season Six of No Reservations Premieres TonightA preview, plus a look at a new show featuring some Finnish culinary daredevils.