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Season Five

  1. Top Chef
    Top Chef: France, Baby, France!Daniel “One of the Baddest Mother[bleep]ers” Boulud asks the cheftestants to feed him something he has never tasted before, using escargot.
  2. Top Chef
    Finale (Part 2)Our recap of the season five: New York finale.
  3. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay Is Back, and Still SteamedThe season premiere of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is now available for your viewing pleasure.
  4. Top Chef
    Super Bowl Chef ShowdownPlatt chats about last night’s football-themed episode.
  5. Top Chef
    12 Days of ChristmasLast night’s episode was like getting coal in your stocking.
  6. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Video Bios: Out With the ‘Faux’-hawks, inWhy are so many of this year’s cheftestants sporting the “insidious chin garnish”?