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Seal Of Approval

  1. Seal Of Approval
    French Chefs Now Have ‘Homemade’ Label to Shame Kitchens WithAs many as a third of restaurants buy into the factory-frozen trend.
  2. Seal of Approval
    A Third of French Restaurants Admit to Serving Frozen FoodFresh to death.
  3. Fast Food
    Le Horror: Paris Restaurants Serve Mass-Produced Tarte Tatin and Frozen LentilsPaul Bocuse is watching you — he sees your every move.
  4. Honor Badge
    Today France Debated Which Restaurants Can Call Themselves ThemselvesIt’s made from scratch or from nothing at all, the chefs say.
  5. Honor Badge
    Ducasse-Led Chef Group Creates New ‘Quality Restaurant’ Seal ofIf they like your food, you get a plaque to hang outside your kitchen.
  6. BA Likes It
    Bon Appétit Launches ‘Seal of Approval’ ProgramThat should make life easier.