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  1. the underground gourmet
    Why Is Turbot Suddenly Everywhere?The flat fish was once impossibly rare and expensive. Now it’s popping up on menus all over town.
  2. restaurant review
    Dame Is Redefining the Upscale Seafood RestaurantChef Ed Szymanski serves full-flavored cooking with mom-and-pop attention to detail.
  3. openings
    Casual, Community-Minded Dame Is the Restaurant We’ve Been Waiting ForIt’s the house that fish and chips built.
  4. openings
    Canary Club Is a New Destination for Cajun-Inspired SeafoodThere’s also live jazz in the basement of this new Lower East Side spot.
  5. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Upscale Seafood Restaurants in New YorkPiscatory pleasures from France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and old New York.
  6. openings
    What to Expect From Harlem’s Most Secretive New Tasting MenuInside Reverence, the reservation-only restaurant from California chef Russell Jackson.
  7. restaurant review
    Finally, a Serious, Sophisticated Seafood Restaurant at the SeaportGlobally accented menu meets picturesque coastal setting at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Fulton.
  8. openings
    At the Fulton, Jean-Georges Vongerichten Sells Seafood By the SeaportEverything from the menu to the décor is a tribute to the old Fulton Fish Market.
  9. grub guides
    A Seafood Lover’s Guide to New York’s Newest RestaurantsPlus all the standout dishes you should order when you get there.
  10. rants
    How One Simple Seafood Dish Is Ruining New York RestaurantsIt’s a scourge that must be stopped.
  11. first taste
    Zauo Is the New Restaurant Where the Fish Might Just Be Too FreshOur restaurant critic catches his own meal on West 24th Street.
  12. fall preview 2018
    La Vara Team Expands With Saint Julivert Fisherie, a Stage for Global SeafoodNew York’s preeminent Spanish-food couple tackles fish dishes of many nations — including tuna casserole.
  13. fish fraud
    Sustainable Seafood Company Engages in Fishy Practices, Report SaysSea to Table says all of its fish is local and wild, but a new report suggests otherwise.
  14. openings
    Affordable, Exciting Sushi Lands in WilliamsburgThe priciest omakase at Okozushi is just $45.
  15. shortages
    A Lobster Shortage Is Causing Prices to SkyrocketBad weather and high demand have caused prices to double.
  16. awful things
    New Report Says Thailand’s Seafood Is Still Being Caught by SlavesHuman Rights Watch calls government regulations little more than a “theatrical exercise.”
  17. health concerns
    Why There Might Be Plastic in Your MusselsScientists now find microplastics inside even remote Arctic bivalves.
  18. bad news
    Walmart’s Salmon That Funds North Korea Could Be in Supply Chain for Over a YearWalmart, Aldi, and others imported over 2,000 tons of the tainted seafood this year alone.
  19. health concerns
    Researchers Are Now Finding ‘Shocking Numbers’ of Microfibers in ShellfishPacific oysters and clams are at an average of eight particles apiece.
  20. bittman’s kitchen
    These Seafood Packs Are a Great Grilling Option When You’re Tired of MeatGrilling fish in a foil pack is a little like magic.
  21. seafood
    Here’s a Bluefin Tuna That Just Sold for $632,000$1,356 per pound of endangered seafood.
  22. crime scene
    Some Grinch Stole $21,000 Worth of Christmas Seafood From a RestaurantPolice are still looking for him.
  23. bad news
    China’s Seafood Is Seriously Plagued by SuperbugsA quarter of the world’s supplies are potentially carrying an alarming amount of antibiotics.
  24. overfishing
    A New Warning Says We Could Run Out of Fish by 2048If something doesn’t change.
  25. climate change
    Maine’s Lobsters Could Be Extinct in 85 Years Because of Global WarmingResearchers say warming waters are already decimating the larvae.
  26. seafood crisis
    Here Are Even More Reasons to Be Distraught About SeafoodOne new report suggests rampant fraud, while another reveals labor abuses in Hawaii.
  27. health concerns
    Now We Have to Worry About Poisonous OystersClimate change has caused a “quadrupling” of deadly bacteria in them.
  28. server screwups
    Waiter Arrested for Serving Fish to Customer With Deadly Seafood AllergyThe patron went into a coma after his beef tartare turned out to be raw salmon.
  29. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Raw Bar in New YorkWhere to find the freshest oysters, the grandest seafood towers, and the sweetest clams in town.
  30. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Lobster Roll in New YorkStyles, and tastes, vary, but there’s no arguing with excellence.
  31. Health Concerns
    Study Says Oregon Oysters Are Full of ChemicalsResearchers say the mix includes antibiotics, antihistamines, carcinogens, and mercury.
  32. The Chain Gang
    Whole Foods Will Sell an Invasive Fish Species Within 6 MonthsThe grocery chain believes appetites are growing for lionfish.
  33. Seafood Struggles
    California’s Dungeness Crab Season ReopensEh, it’s better late than never.
  34. Seafood
    Can Fish Supplies Keep Up With Poke’s Growing Popularity?The resource-intensive dish is poised to become a major trend — and that could be problematic for the top-of-the-line fish often used to make it.
  35. Shortages
    Climate Change Is Decimating Maine’s Lobster PopulationAn alarming study says a warm-water disease threatens Maine’s whole industry.
  36. Progress
    Congress Will Finally Outlaw Seafood Caught by SlavesObama is expected to sign a bill that closes an 85-year-old loophole on forced labor.
  37. Food Fraud
    New Report Accuses Restaurants of Passing Off Cheaper Fish As LobsterA report found that 35 percent of dishes include inferior seafood.
  38. Slave Labor
    Nestle Sued for Child Slavery on Cocoa FarmsThe corporation takes no responsibility for alleged child slavery on its cocoa farms.
  39. Seafood Struggles
    There’s Even Less Fish Left Than You ThoughtThe global catch has been underestimated by 50 percent over the last 60 years.
  40. Grub Guide
    10 Fish Species You Can Eat With a Clean ConscienceYour New Year’s resolution is to eat more fish, but which ones?
  41. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Sued for Serving Lethal ScallopsA man’s family says he fought the complications from food poisoning for a year.
  42. GM-Nos
    Even More Retailers Are Refusing to Sell Genetically Modified SalmonCostco and Red Lobster are the latest ones to pass.
  43. Awful Things
    Nestlé Addresses Brutal Slavery in Its Seafood Supply ChainThe food giant has outlined how it plans to protect workers.
  44. Health Concerns
    Crab Season Delayed Along Entire West Coast Because of Deadly ToxinHealth officials still have no end date.
  45. The Future
    The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Salmon for Human ConsumptionThe biotech company behind the fish says it could be on the market in two years.
  46. Crisis
    The Pacific Fishery Is Having a Rough YearSea lions are suffering because of California’s crab crisis, and that’s bad news for the whole ecosystem.
  47. Health Concerns
    San Francisco’s Dungeness Crab Season Marred by Health ScareOfficials warn that the shellfish currently contain a deadly neurotoxin.
  48. Shortages
    Add Maine’s Cod to the List of Things Decimated by Global WarmingScientists now blame rising water temperatures more than overfishing.
  49. Health Concerns
    This Restaurant Has Been Linked to More Than 140 Cases of ShigellosisThe future isn’t looking so bright for a seafood spot in California.
  50. Shortages
    The Ocean Contains Half the Fish It Had 50 Years AgoBad news for tuna lovers.
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