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  1. Beef
    Battle Royale: ‘Paper’ Awards Bring Feuding Party People Face toDown by the Hipster, Matt Levine of the Eldridge, Guest of a Guest, and Steve Lewis walk into a bar…
  2. NewsFeed
    Delicatessen, The Eldridge Get Feuding Bloggers in a TizzyGuest of a Guest and Down by the Hipster are at it again.
  3. NewsFeed
    Down by the Hipster Responds to Latest Dis From Guest of a GuestSources have been outed, invectives have been hurled, and there have been accusations of shoddy journalism, comment tampering, and (gasp!) cluelessness about the Hamptons scene.
  4. NewsFeed
    ‘BlackBook’ Calls It: Submercer Will Be ‘Next Beatrice’Trendy magazine BlackBook is predicting the Mercer Hotel’s reopened lounge will be the city’s next hot spot.
  5. NewsFeed
    Down by the Hipster’s Scott Solish Steps ForwardA formerly anonymous nightlife blogger has been outed by a rival blog, and he isn’t happy about it.