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  1. the art world
    Does This Single Pineapple Qualify As Art?It’s challenging assumptions about what fruit can be.
  2. balls of fire
    Restaurateur ‘Dares’ Teens Who Set Restaurant on Fire to Come Work for Him“Come see inside, what we do, the real lives of the men and women who work here.”
  3. bans
    Authentic Haggis Might Finally Be Availble in America Next YearThe feds are reportedly ending the ban on Scotland’s infamous sheep-organ dish.
  4. whoops
    Simple Math Error on Restaurant Bill Makes International NewsA man somehow charged himself £1,006,082.04 for a £100 dinner.
  5. Snap Crackle Plop
    Teen Says Dead Bat Fell Out of Her Box of Rice Krispies“I screamed the house down.”
  6. Oy Vey
    This Chef’s Help-Wanted Ad Is Amazingly Brutal“There are no eggs Benedicts. Go on, wrap your head around that.”
  7. Empire Building
    British Tabloids Lose It Over Rumor of North Korean-Run Scottish Restaurant“It’s a nonsense,” the regime says.
  8. Reindeer Games
    Dream-Destroying Restaurant Claims It’s Serving Rudolph the ReindeerAnd all his friends.
  9. Tweed Spirit
    Scotland Invented Tweed That Permanently Smells Like WhiskyJohnnie Walker Black Label, specifically.
  10. All Things Scottish
    Global Warming Gives Scotland Its First WineIf it’s not Scottish, it’s crap.
  11. Fillet Knives At Dawn
    Here’s the Biggest Halibut Pretty Much Anyone Has Ever SeenWhat she order? A giant, scary halibut with razor-shaped chompers. And fish fillet.
  12. Mediavore
    Comely Cannibal Denied Parole; Spicy Curry Contest Leads to Hospital VisitsIn other news, Roy Choi details why food trucks are so important for hopeful restaurateurs who lack resources.
  13. Mediavore
    LAUSD Appeases Critics Through Flavored Milk Ban; Joseph Mahon Finds a FullertonThe ban has been considered for some time, but will allow LAUSD a little breathing room.
  14. Mediavore
    Eight Carver Students Sickened By Marijuana-Laced Candy; Food Prices Going Up11 to 13-year old kids at a South L.A. junior high are taken to the hospital, while customers need to prepare for higher prices at the supermarket.
  15. Mediavore
    LeBron James Tempted By Iron Chef Symon; Shark Fins Banned In HawaiiAn NBA all-star gets an edible offer to stay in Cleveland, while an endangered animal gets protection from restaurant goers.