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  1. scoops
    Ample Hills’ Founders Return With a New Shop and a New Focus“We’re humbled that we’re able to get this chance — but we can’t mess it up.”
  2. Scoops
    Eminem’s Finally Getting His Own Signature Ice-Cream FlavorIt’s made with a bunch of stuff from his home state of Michigan, like cherries and Vernors ginger ale. How sweet.
  3. Scoops
    Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream Better Than You DoHe apparently tips nicely, too.
  4. Closings
    A Neighbor Responds: How Chego’s Closing Could Affect Palms’ Dining SceneThe owner of Scoops says he’s “pretty disappointed that Chego is closing,” but still sees many strengths in the neighborhood.
  5. Openings
    Scoops Now Open in Highland ParkThis has to be good news when it’s 20 degrees hotter than Scoops Westside.
  6. We All Scream
    Scoops Going to Highland ParkBut even great ice cream can’t deflect the gentrification charges.
  7. L.A. Diet
    The Band Liars Is Addicted to Pie, Eats Sopressata Sandwiches in Larchmont“Now that I think about it, I had pies three days this week! I really do have a problem with pie.”
  8. Blehtacular
    Scoops Gets Our Bacon Burgers in Their Ice CreamNot only that, but the burger flavored treat appears to be selling out.
  9. Foodies with Benefits
    Taste of the Nation Brings Early Tastes of Short Order, ink., and FonutsSome of 2011’s most anticipated projects will see their debut at the anti-hunger fund-raiser.
  10. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Inevitably, Pie Pops Up at Golden StateCrust erroneously calls it the city’s first pie pop-up. How soon they forget.
  11. L.A. Diet
    The Beer Chicks Obsessively Eat Pickles and Have a Craft Brew for Almost Every“We always drink, like, waaay too much coffee and sometimes we go to ‘the bad place’ with it.”
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Jacopo’s Closes in Beverly Hills; Scoops Opens in PalmsThe 40-year-old pizza place says it’s been hit too hard by the economic downturn to remain open.
  13. Openings
    Carmela Ice Cream & Sorbet Going Brick and Mortar in PasadenaCarmela makes seasonal flavors using organic nuts, fruits, spices, and herbs sourced at local farmer’s markets.
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    Pizza Fries Hit Burbank; Kalbi Burger Opens in KTownNew comfort tastes hit L.A.
  15. Openings
    What to Eat at Lemonade on Abbot-KinneyLemonade is now making sweet and healthy treats on Abbot-Kinney.
  16. Foodievent
    Golden State + Scoops Win Beer Float ShowdownThe beer float battle winner