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  1. Science
    Study Says Being a Lifelong Vegetarian Ups Risk of CancerA case for choosing burgers over kale.
  2. Video Feed
    What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum on a Chocolate Easter Bunny?Something to ponder before starting that seasonal candy spree.
  3. Science
    The Bulk of the American Diet Is ‘Ultra-Processed’ FoodMichael Pollan is going to be so sad when he sees this.
  4. Science
    Extra-Depressing New Study Links Carbs to Lung CancerThe risk could jump 50 percent.
  5. Science
    Drinking Tons of Coffee May Lower Your Risk of MSAnd, by now, who isn’t drinking six cups a day of this miracle drug?
  6. Science
    Don’t Start Drinking Coffee Because of Health BenefitsOne big plus: Never having to deal with caffeine headaches.
  7. Science
    Scientists Say Coffee Is So Magical, It Could Even ​Prevent​ Liver DamageEspresso chasers for everybody!
  8. Science
    Here’s Better Proof That Organic Meat Is More NutritiousNew research reveals that it has 50 percent more omega-3s.
  9. Studies
    Teens Who Eat More Fiber May Reduce Risk of Breast CancerA new study in support of All-Bran.
  10. Studies
    Scientists Say There’s a Food Preservative That Kills CancerIt’s often added to cheese and processed meats.
  11. Back For Seconds
    Having a Heftier Waiter Significantly Ups Your Chances of Ordering DessertYou’re more likely to go hard on booze, too, according to a new study.
  12. Health Concerns
    People Are Getting Fat by Overeating ‘Healthy’ FoodResearchers say people believe it’s “less filling,” and eat too much.
  13. Science
    New Study Argues Vegetarianism Isn’t As Earth-Friendly As People ThinkEating lettuce is reportedly “three times worse” than eating bacon.
  14. Science
    Scientists Make Breakthrough on What Causes Gluten SensitivityIt can be traced to high levels of a specific protein in the gut.
  15. Space Food
    An Australian Plant Could Help Scientists Learn to Grow Food on MarsIf it can survive the outback, space is a cinch.
  16. Health Concerns
    Health Researchers Sent Coke Incriminating Emails“I want to help your company avoid the image of being a problem in peoples’ lives.”
  17. Science
    Good News: Cooking Meat on Low Heat May Reduce Cancer RiskBaking and slow-cooking to the rescue.
  18. Science
    Research Says Airplane Food May Suck Because of the Cabin NoiseMore insight into why eating at 35,000 feet is so rough.
  19. Science
    A New Coffee Study Might Be the Most Impressive One YetPeople who drink three to five cups a day will live longer, basically.
  20. Science
    Eating Grilled Meat May Cause CancerNow doctors are tying all grilled meat to kidney cancer.
  21. Science
    You Can Blame Genetics for Your French-Fry HabitA new study says certain people are “hardwired” to crave fatty, sugary foods.
  22. Studies
    Your Table Salt Probably Has Tiny Pieces of Plastic in ItApparently, people eat about three particles per day.
  23. Interviews
    Dave Arnold Wants to Disarm the Idea of ‘Natural’ FoodHe’s the mastermind of the Museum of Food and Drink’s new exhibit, all about real and fake flavors.
  24. Studies
    A New Study Says Sugar’s Way Worse for Kids Than Pizza and Processed FoodsReplacing sweets with pizza reportedly improved “virtually every” indicator of obesity.
  25. News
    World Health Organization Says Processed Meat Causes CancerPer the group, it’s now officially as carcinogenic as cigarettes.
  26. Science
    Lab-Grown Burgers Could Be Widely Available in Just 5 YearsThe creator says to expect a price tag of about $160 a pound.
  27. Studies
    Fast Food Might Be Even Worse for Kids Than You Already ThoughtA study links greater “neighborhood access” to fast food to lower bone mass in kids.
  28. Science
    New Research Indicates That Whole Milk Is Better for Your HeartSome scientists now claim the Dietary Guidelines have had it backward for decades.
  29. Studies
    New Study Examines Which Specific Fruits and Vegetables Keep Off the PoundsPotatoes and peas: bad. Apples and berries: good.
  30. Science
    Encouraging New Study Says Eating Fish Could Make You Less DepressedOne more reason to eat lox for breakfast.
  31. Science
    A New Study Comes Down Hard on HoneySurprise! It’s “very, very similar” to high-fructose corn syrup.
  32. Science
    Scientists Have Invented an ‘Ice Cream’ That Doesn’t MeltThe future of picnics.
  33. Science
    World’s Most Helpful Scientists Say Pear Juice Can Prevent HangoversThe trick is to pre-game with the pears.
  34. Science
    Awesome New Study Says You’ll Live Longer If You Eat Spicy FoodTime to stock up on Sriracha.
  35. Science
    New Research Suggests ‘Fatty’ Is the Sixth TasteGet ready for chefs to start sprinkling dried-lard dust.
  36. Health Concerns
    Scientists Have Developed a Pill to Help Gluten-Intolerant PeopleBread and pasta for all.
  37. Coffee Crisis
    Caffeine-Crazy Bugs Are Attacking the World’s Coffee SupplyThey can tolerate the equivalent of a 150-pound person drinking 500 shots of espresso.
  38. Science
    A New Study Says Grocery Shoppers Buy More Junk Food If They Bring Their OwnThis is kind of a lose-lose.
  39. Science
    A New Study Says Alcohol Literally Makes Bad Food Smell BetterMore good news for Taco Bell!
  40. Science
    Scientists Say There’s a Link Between Drinking Orange Juice and GettingA new study discovered a 36 percent higher risk of melanoma in frequent citrus eaters.
  41. Science
    A Study Says Eating Pickles Could Help You Feel Less AnxiousResearchers say that there’s a link between probiotics and mood.
  42. Studies
    The Latest Thing That Will Supposedly Make You Live Longer: Just Eating SomeA couple a day may keep the Grim Reaper away.
  43. Science
    Chocolatiers Are Using Genetics to Identify the Best BeansIs fair-trade, small-batch chocolate worth more than its fancy packaging?
  44. Studies
    Science Can Now Make Pretty Much Any Fruit BiggerGeneticists say that they can rewire the genetic sequences of plants.
  45. Science
    Depressing New Study Says Living on a Loud Block Can Make You Gain WeightGreat news for New Yorkers.
  46. Science
    Extremely Reassuring New Study Says Coffee Could Help Prevent Erectile“The best part of waking up … “
  47. Science
    Lab-Grown Burgers Are Already Getting Much CheaperOne pound of muscle strands now costs just $27.
  48. Studies
    A New Report Suggests Yet Another Excellent Health Benefit of CoffeeResearch from the World Cancer Research Fund finds “strong evidence that drinking coffee is linked to a decreased risk of liver cancer.”
  49. Science
    It Turns Out That the Sound of Food Has a Major Effect on FlavorIt’s why bacon is better when it’s crispy.
  50. Science
    Low-Calorie Rice Could Be the Food of the FutureResearchers have discovered a new, healthier way to cook it.
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