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  1. Chefs Behaving Badly
    Short Fuse: Schwa Chef Arrested for Fireworks FiascoThese damn kids and their fireworks!
  2. Rumors
    Update: Schwa Scare, Michael Carlson Not LeavingNo one knows the real story except Michael Carlson.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Schwa Takes Some Twitter Reservations; La Boulangerie Now Selling IndividualPlus: Get ready for another diner concept this summer.
  4. Celebrity Sighting
    Gwyneth Paltrow Reviews SchwaPaltrow didn’t mind the BYOB service.
  5. Food Writing
    Newsweek Heralds ‘Hip’ Emanuel EraWe already knew that Chicago had some great restaurants.
  6. Lists
    Chicago, In A Perfect WorldWe’d like a Steak n Shake in the city limits.
  7. Lists
    BYOB ChicagoEver wanted to know where the closest BYOB restaurant was to your house?
  8. WTF
    Bill Kim Imposter Called From Schwa?Everything is cool now, but what exactly happened?
  9. Michelin
    How the Michelin Ratings CompareHow does the Michelin guide stack up to other guides?
  10. Michelin
    Michelin Guide Released Early; Alinea and L2O Get Three StarsThe Chicago Michelin guide was released early.
  11. Halloween
    Tribune and Dolinsky Dish on Horrific Customers and Scary ServiceThe Tribune and Steve Dolinsky compare horrific kitchen stories.
  12. Lists
    Grant Achatz’s Five Favorite Chicago SpotsAchatz lists five of his favorite spots to eat in Chicago.
  13. James Beard Awards
    On the Road with Michael Carlson and the Schwa CrewAfter planning not to show, Michael Carlson drove all the way out to New York to attend the James Beard Awards
  14. James Beard Awards
    Beard Predictions: Best Chef, Great LakesThe best chef award for the Great Lake region features four Chicago chefs.
  15. Lists
    Three Chicago Restaurants That Are ‘Worth The Money’Gourmet IDs restaurants where you get the most bang for your buck.
  16. Lists
    The Maxim Food Awards’ Overlooked Runners-UpSky Full of Bacon shares the Chicago-area suggestions that the Maxim Food Awards overlooked.
  17. Lists
    Maxim’s 2009 Food AwardsThe lad mag presents their annual round up of favorite eats around the country.
  18. Tough Tables
    The Five Toughest Reservations in AmericaIt’s the great debate among restaurant lovers: What’s the toughest table to score?