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Schaller & Weber

  1. For Your Health
    Duck Amuck: D’Artagnan Confit RecalledIf you value your health, it might be wise to switch to foie gras for a while!
  2. Tony Tony Tony
    Anthony Bourdain’s Guide to Disappearing New YorkA rundown of all the Tonyisms in last night’s ‘No Reservations’ episode, plus some outtake footage.
  3. The Underground Gourmet
    Sandwich of the Week: Sausage on … a Pretzel Roll? Like old, happily married couples, certain sandwich fillings and certain sandwich breads seem made for each other. Consider a Hellmann’s-laced lobster salad and the top-loading Pepperidge Farm hot-dog bun, for instance. Where would one component be without the other? For that matter, where would corned beef be without its turtle dove, rye? And who can imagine a sloppy gray blob of greasy chopped beef and fried onions swimming in a sea of Cheez Whiz separated from its squishy but beloved Philly-style roll?