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  1. scenes
    Le French Diner Is Every Chef’s Favorite Restaurant“Everyone who gets a seat feels special.”
  2. the hottest club of 2004
    40/40, 20 Years LaterHow Jay-Z blurred the lines between club, sports bar, and restaurant.
  3. pop-ups
    This Paella Is a PartyArroces is summer street food you need.
  4. scenes
    Everyone in Bushwick Wants This StewAnnie Rauwerda hosts a party that’s open to anyone who brings an ingredient for the pot.
  5. scenes
    Saturday Night at Slutty VeganBrooklyn’s best party is a line for veggie burgers.
  6. what to eat
    Can Croissants Wake Up Brooklyn’s Sleepiest Neighborhood?L’Appartement 4F has already done the improbable: generate buzz on Montague Street.
  7. scenes
    ‘Michael’s Is the Place Where the Deal Is Happening’The southern Brooklyn red-sauce joint where one dinner has the power to reshape the city.
  8. Scenes
    Are Manhattanites the New Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd?And is Williamsburg the new Lower East Side?