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  1. What to Eat This Week
    SavorNY Muscles In on Soup KitchensSince the Lower Eastpacking District so closely resembles a bum’s paradise, you’d think do-gooders would be giving away food left and right. But outside of actual soup kitchens, we know of only once place where you can get a free snack: Between 1 and 7 p.m. on weekends, new wine bar SavorNY is offering complimentary small plates, representing different world cuisines, that come with two-ounce wine pairings. (You can find a list of both after the jump.) Still, lagniappes don’t make for a proper meal, even if you’re fashionably emaciated, so the owners have thoughtfully provided a full lunch menu as well. Because you didn’t go to that neighborhood not to spend money, did you?