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    We Only Go to Museums That Serve Alcohol As swanky lounges and eclectic restaurants crowd the Lower East Side, a local institution may restore the immigrant corridor’s watering-hole roots. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum plans to renovate an outdoor privy at its showcase building on Orchard and Broome by next January and, the following year, restore the basement saloon that Bavarian immigrant John Schneider ran there from 1864 to 1886.
  2. At the Greenmarket
    First Strawberries Arrive to Find the Market a Regular SausagefestPeonies stole the show last Saturday, while strawberries have sidled in at Yuno’s stand on Mondays and Fridays. There should be berries in quantity by next weekend, but for now we’re focusing on meatier matters, like what to grill as we kick off the outdoor-cooking season.