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  1. the grub street diet
    SNL’s Punkie Johnson Leaves the After-Party for Taco Bell“Taco Bell, for me, is an every-Saturday stop.”
  2. tv land
    SNL Nails What It’s Like to Grocery Shop Right NowWhy is all that Dasani still on the shelf?
  3. food tv
    SNL Finally Explains Popeyes to White PeopleHarry Styles is a British intern who just doesn’t get it.
  4. video feed
    Here’s the Actual Diner Ad That Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell Parodied on SNLDysart’s chicken-potpie ad went viral in 2012 — and SNL revived it in 2018.
  5. news you can booze
    Saturday Night Live Is Making Its Own WinesBottles are inspired by Stefon, Debbie Downer, and the Californians.
  6. video feed
    Watch This Heroic Effort Creating SNL’s ‘15-Flavor Taco’It’s even served authentically — in a tote bag full of chili.
  7. video feed
    SNL Made Chuck E. Cheese’s Terrifying Animatronics Into a Crime DeterrentWatch Aziz Ansari spook a criminal mastermind as the creepy robot Peppy Ronnie.
  8. Condiment Watch
    The Artisanal Mayonnaise Shop Parodied in SNL Will Release a Tie-inTruffles and roasted garlic pair well, after all.
  9. Video Feed
    Watch Sarah Silverman Poke Fun at Vitamix Blenders on SNLOf course a kale smoothie was implicated.
  10. Tie-Ins
    Get Ready for Actual Schweddy Balls CandyThe Vogelchecks, Stefon, and the rest of the gang get themed candy for the show’s 40th anniversary.
  11. Tie-Ins
    Ben & Jerry’s Debuts Lazy Sunday and Other SNL-Inspired“Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch” and “Lazy Sunday” commemorate the show at its 40th anniversary.
  12. The Grub Street Diet
    SNL’s Taran Killam Lives Off Pumpkin-Spice Lattes and Christmas“My body is a temple, and I’m not treating it like one.”
  13. Video Feed
    Guy Fieri’s Full Throttle Christmas Special Is Barely Parody,“Merry Christmas, you skanks.”
  14. Video Feed
    Watch Saturday Night Live Mock Fox News and the Horsemeat“Never, ever leave the United States.”
  15. Video Feed
    Padma Leash Me Makes Her Debut on SNL’s ‘Top Dog Chef’Mario Barktali’s a guest judge.
  16. Video Feed
    Watch SNL Roust L.A. For Loving Umami BurgerThe burger chain becomes a plot point on The Californians.
  17. The Grub Street Diet
    Writer Simon Rich Eats Sugar Cereal Like an Animal and More Sardine Sandwiches“If my teenage self knew that one day he would get free macaroni and cheese in exchange for writing jokes, it would blow his mind.”
  18. Celebrity Settings
    On the Rebound: Fred Armisen at Riposo 72; Jim Carrey at the LionPlus: Nancy Pelosi’s bottle (water) service, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick remain “on” — for now, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  19. Mediavore
    Marcel Vigneron Caters Mark Liddell Launch; Mr. T Loves Junior’s DeliWe get a peek at the food of a Top Chef runner-up, while Mr. T’s eating habits buck deli stereotypes.
  20. Badvertising
    Bud Light Takes Over SNLIt’s the “Bad Idea Jeans” of beer!
  21. Mediavore
    Yelp Creates an Army of Citizen Food Critics; Zagat Comes to NewarkPlus: Tom Colicchio watches the election returns, in our morning news roundup.
  22. Mediavore
    New Kefi Coming Soon; UWS Shake Shack Popular With ‘SNL’ SetPlus, new delivery options in Bed-Stuy, and beer: The beverage of the recession.