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  1. food tv
    What to Know Before Watching Bad VeganThe new Netflix documentary tracks the spectacular rise and fall of Pure Food and Wine.
  2. drama
    That Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Is Headed to PrisonThe owner of Pure Food and Wine pleaded guilty to stealing from investors and failing to pay her taxes and employees.
  3. raw deal
    Pure Food & Wine Owner Gets Offered Lenient Plea Deal for Grand-Larceny ChargesOne to three years is what prosecutors have suggested.
  4. This Vegan Fugitive Restaurateur’s Story Just Became Even More InsaneDid Sarma Melngailis’s ex-husband, and partner in crime, brainwash her?
  5. drama
    Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Ditches Partner in CrimeThe latest in the saga of Pure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis.
  6. Booked
    Fugitive Raw-Food-Restaurant Owner Caught After Ordering Domino’s PizzaPure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis has been missing since last August.
  7. Sued
    The Pure Food & Wine Owner Is Being Sued From All SidesHer former employees, vendors, and investors are all taking her to court.
  8. Interviews
    How a Prominent Restaurant Owner Is Bouncing Back After a Public Staff Exodus“If there was a way I could fix it, I’d die trying. There is nothing else.”
  9. Annals of Extravagance
    Reminder: There’s a $24 Milkshake, Too“We call it the ‘Millionaire’s Milkshake’ because I knew if we didn’t poke fun at how expensive it is, we’d get shit for it.”
  10. Non-Openings
    Sarma Melngailis’s Raw-Food Juice Bar Is ToastThe raw-food queen suffers a setback.
  11. Beef
    Sarma Melngailis of Pure Food and Wine: ‘Elitism Bothers Me, Too!’The proprietor of Pure Food and Wine, where a tamale is $23, has something to say about her neighbor Sal Anthony’s complaints about pricey raw-food eateries.
  12. NewsFeed
    Raw-Food Guru Matthew Kenney Tries His Luck in OrlandoWhere do you go when you’ve become the black sheep of the New York restaurant community?
  13. Mediavore
    Ex-Ramsay Chef Taking Over Allen and Delancey; High-End Chinese Fading FastNeil Ferguson, the former chef at Gordon Ramsay, will be in charge of the kitchen at Allen and Delancey when the place finally opens in September. [NYT] Related: Allen and Delancey Tripped at the Finish Line, Won’t Open The city’s Chinese fine-dining restaurants are on the run, the victims of changing tastes, high costs, and slim margins. The East Side’s Sichuan Pavilion just went under, and even the genre’s grande dame, Shun Lee Palace, is now peopled mostly by seniors. [NYS] Organic chef Matthew Kenney, best known for his acrimonious exit from Pure Food and Wine, is back in town and preparing to open a retail prepared-organic-foods business. [NYS] Related: Raw Foodist Sarma Melngailis Drinks Grapefruit Sake Mojitos Before Noon
  14. Ask a Waiter
    Pure Food and Wine’s David Moltz Hangs With Gisele, Chases Raw Foodists for Tips David Moltz just celebrated his first anniversary as a server at raw-food mecca (and popular anniversary spot!) Pure Food and Wine. He isn’t going anywhere — at least not until his band Salt and Samovar takes off — and why would he? He’s had the opportunity to serve everyone from raw foodists such as Woody Harrelson to fellow omnivores such as Bill Clinton (“I couldn’t believe it when he walked in,” says Moltz. “He rolls with a crazy entourage.”) We asked him to spill the beans (not cooked, of course) on fussy vegheads, surprisingly friendly models, and the “hump couch” in one of the city’s most coveted gardens (now open for spring).
  15. The New York Diet
    Raw Foodist Sarma Melngailis Drinks Grapefruit Sake Mojitos Before Noon You may remember Sarma Melngailis as half of New York’s Most Beautiful Feuding Foodies (the other half being Matthew Kenney, her cookbook co-author, ex-boyfriend and former partner in raw-food restaurant Pure Food and Wine). Regardless of gossip tales that she stabbed angry notes into vegetables, she’s revered by raw foodists as a champion of organic eating. That’s why we were surprised when, recounting what she ate this week, she confessed to indulging not just in “weirdo shakes” and Master Cleanse martinis, but also venison carpaccio, and at least one lamb meatball.