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Sara Johannes

  1. Chef Shuffles
    John Lechleidner Named New Chef de Cuisine at WP24The chef has worked within Puck’s own empire for years, mostly in Vegas.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Mario Batali Signing at Mozza2Go; Moon Juice Opening in VeniceThe red-headed chef will put his pen to your copy of Molto Mario next week.
  3. Duck You Sucker
    SinoSoul Defends Puck’s DuckTony Chen produces photos from Asia that counter the critic’s recent slam on WP24’s Beijing duck.
  4. Chef Shuffles
    Chef Sara Johannes Joins WP24Stephen Pyles might have exaggerated the exciting news.
  5. Chef Shuffles
    Five-Sixty Chef Sara Johannes Coming to Work For Puck in L.A.But only chef Stephan Pyles knows for certain what her fate will be…