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Santa Fe

  1. making america great
    Restaurant Celebrates Staff by Printing Pro-Immigrant Messages on Every ReceiptThey “make America great” and “also cooked and served your food today.”
  2. Menus
    Playa Looks Into John Sedlar’s Past with Retrospective MenuThe chef is preparing a five-course menu that follows his career from his teenage years to his current projects.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Fox News Channel’s Jenna Lee Eats Early Morning Cold Cuts With Her Crew,“You can crack walnuts on the tables, and that’s like your appetizer. It’s very Italian. I loved it.”
  4. NewsFeed
    Lost This Week: Cameras, Phones, and More CamerasA sobering list of everything Craigslisters left at local bars and restaurants in the past week.
  5. Three Blocks
    Docs and Journos Get the Greenmarket and Kosher Classics Around 70th andThe micro-micro-neighborhood centered around 70th Street and Columbus Avenue boasts upscale haunts and casual wine bars for private-practice doctors, ABC staffers, and Apple Bank employees, while the area’s cozy cafés cater to freelancers and thirtysomething stroller-pushers.