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Sang Yoon

  1. Superlatives
    Is Umami Unseating L.A.’s Burger Kings?Father’s Office holds a far-off third place behind both classic and new burgers.
  2. Rumors
    Is Sang Yoon Opening Lukshon or Just Thinking Out Loud?The Father’s Office creator might have a new restaurant, but for now is just kicking around ideas.
  3. Tv Land
    The Foundry’s Greenspan on Next Iron ChefChef Greenspan has one more battle picked for him.
  4. Food Fight
    The Foundry Challenges Father’s Office to a Burger BattleFoundry founder goes after Sang Yoon’s masterpiece
  5. The Food Chain
    Sang Yoon Goes to San Francisco for DumplingsOur culinary journey takes us to Yank Sing for dim sum.
  6. The Food Chain
    The Food Chain: Ruggero Gadaldi Adores an L.A. Burger“If I ever serve a burger, I’m going to do something like that.”