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  1. Lawsuits
    Rich Guy Sues Wine Storage Facility Flooded by SandyIt wasn’t a very good year for his collection.
  2. Sandy
    The City Lost 8,500 Restaurant and Food Jobs After Hurricane SandyThe numbers are still coming in.
  3. Food Politics
    Bloomberg Limits Food Stamps for Sandy VictimsLast month, 82 zip codes were eligible for post-Sandy aid. Now it’s down to ten.
  4. Foodies With Benefits
    CityEats and Iron Hill Step Up Superstorm Sandy Relief EffortsRevel casino and Smokin’ Betty’s are also coming through with benefits for the storm ravaged.
  5. Damage Report
    Dumpster Diving Downtown, Burgers and Lack of Awareness Uptown“People were coming up from downtown even though there were no Broadway shows for the past few days.”
  6. Casino Boogie
    Atlantic City’s Hospitality Industry Ruined in Sandy’s WakeThe floodwaters may be rolling back out to sea, but the doom and gloom is sticking around.
  7. Beer Me
    Sandy’s Wrath a Logistical Nightmare For Mega Beer DistributorNo power means no beer.
  8. Foodies With Benefits
    Opa Donating a Portion of Tonight’s Till to Red Cross; Sbraga OfferingMany of us were unscathed by the storm, but even more weren’t so lucky.
  9. Stormy Weather
    The Cove In Cape May Still StandsThough reported washed away yesterday, the 40-year-old restaurant still stands today.
  10. Stormy Weather
    Where to Eat, Drink, and Cure Your Cabin Fever in the Wake of FrankenstormIf you’re reading this, surely you’ve survived the worst that Sandy dished out.
  11. Damage Report
    Sandy Takes Out Mile End’s Production KitchenThe standout deli’s bakery and smoking facility is destroyed.
  12. Sandy
    A Quick Note This MorningWe’re going to try to get back to business as usual, but know that’s a tall order given the condition of the city.
  13. Sandy
    We’re Moving to Higher GroundWe’re calling it a day. See you tomorrow!
  14. Booze News
    Now We’re Really Screwed: Sandy Prompts LCB to Close Liquor StoresState liquor stores are closed.
  15. Stormy Weather
    Frankenstrom Shuts Down the City, But Federal Donuts Is Open [UPDATED]Though the Frankenstorm is upon us, there’s still coffee, beer, donuts, pizza and more available.